Jersey Shore star ‘The Situation‘ may be out of rehab, but it seems that his problems are far from over.  Reportedly, the reality star is not only battling an addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs, but some darker addictions as well – like sex and fame, sources say.

This week’s print edition of Reality Weekly claims that The Situation is in a spiral and it’s all taking a toll on him, despite his seeking helping at the Cirque Lodge in Utah.  A friend tells the magazine that “Mike projects this image that he’s in love with himself, but inside, he’s really fragile and insecure. He has a really dark side and a lot of demons, which is why he developed a problem with addictions”.

The friend claims that Mike has to drink in order to feel comfortable in social settings and that he beds multiple women in an attempt to boost his fragile ego. “He gets such an ego boost if a woman wants to sleep with him.  He’s always trying to top himself; how many girls he can have at once, how many Miss Hawaiian Tropic models he can sleep with, how many different girls he can have in one day. ”


The friend continues, saying that The Sitch feels like he’s not handsome enough, so that’s why he works so hard on his body.

He also reportedly gets very depressed over the beating he takes in the media – like “bombing” his debut on a Comedy Central Roast (he was booed) and the constant speculation that he’s gay.  “He’d end up drowning his sorrows and going on these hard-core drinking benders.  When Mike drinks he gets really snarky and pisses people off, so he was losing friends left and right.”

Mike is also stressed over the realization that his Jersey Shore days may be coming to an end, despite MTV saying they’re not looking to replace him.  It looks like he’s got a lot more work to do in the addiction department that will require much more than a 2 week stay in rehab!

In Snooki’s corner of the Shore, things are looking much brighter.  Now that the mini mogul is knocked up by her fiancé Jionni LaValle, she’s going to do what every other pregnant celebrity loves to do – cash in!

Snooki is teaming up with Happy Feet, the company that she works with on her over-sized sneaker slipper line, to create a new baby line of footwear/slippers!

The infant slippers will be reasonably priced at $15 and be approved by the mom-to-be.  The company’s owner says Snooki doesn’t just slap her name on a product, sharing “she didn’t just sign and walk away. She’s involved in every facet, from the website design to the slippers.”

I am willing to bet that we’ll be seeing many more baby products from Snooki before this baby is born.  I’m envisioning animal print bedding sets, baby guido and guidette clothing lines, and more.


[Photo credit: C. Smith & DJDM/Wenn]

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