Survivor Recap: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya!

Last night’s Survivor was just another cut-throat edition of boys against the girls, with the girls winning…as we always do. 🙂

At the merged Tikiano, Model Jay seems to be down with the ladies while Tarzan shares with Troyzan his fears about the gender breakdown.  Troyzan knows he has an immunity idol, yet he reminds Tarzan that it’s still to be retrieved.  The group goes to find tree-mail, but instead is met with a chalk board, some pegs and logs, and a letter which is not to be opened until everyone is together.  The tribe must divide themselves into two teams and finish the intricate challenge.  The winners will be rewarded with a boat ride and a barbeque festival…where do I sign up?

The group decides that the fairest course is to randomly draw names.  The first team is Troy, Jay, Alicia, Kat, and Tarzan.  The second team is Lief and the remaining ladies.  Troyzan elects himself to be host of the game.  Oh gracious…this is ladder ball, or ladder golf, or horse balls…regardless I have played this game multiple times on Sullivans’ Island.  I am about as good at it as the castaways, which reads to be HORRIBLE.  Somehow the “red” team wins, even though both groups had poor showings.  Regardless, the red team is treated to an amazing feast.


On the private beach, the victors are enjoying beer, rum drinks, and what appears to be a fish fry.  Kat and Model Jay bond, and he tries to persuade her into his pseudo-alliance.  The winners gorge on a delicious looking meal, but Jay can hardly focus on it as he fears some upsets are in the future.  The losers are back at camp second guessing Mike’s demise.  Kim loves that the women are in the lead, and she relishes in her role as a behind-the-scenes player.

Alicia and Kim want to get rid of Jay or Troyzan.  Chelsea, who feels aligned with both, doesn’t want to know the outcome of the women’s choice.  Kat listens from the outskirts.  Alicia is mad that Chelsea has bonded with some of the men…and Kat takes a turn, sharing Chelsea’s weakness with Sabrina.  Clearly Kat and Sabrina are sticking with their original, day-one alliance.  Jay and Troy decide that if the girls want to prove their loyalty, the ladies must vote off some of their own.  They both want Alicia to leave.  Jay feels that he’s closest with Chelsea and Kat, but he lets Troyzan believe they are besties.  Perhaps I misjudged Model Jay. Gaffney boy is scheming!

Jay approaches Kat and she promises to take his message to the ladies.  Check that, he takes it himself.  None of the ladies are willing to give him a solid answer about voting off AliciaChelsea knows that the girls’ promises are empty.  Kim approaches Alicia to tell her that if she hears whisperings of being voting off to go with it…but it won’t happen.  Seriously girls?  Get rid of her!  Troyzan witnesses this powwow and wonders what the ladies are really thinking.  He shares his thoughts with Jay who can’t believe that the women would have lied to his face.  Um…

It’s time for the immunity challenge, and Troyzan is going to work his bum off to win as he thinks the women will never save him and Jay.  The players must stand barefoot on a tiny perch with their arm attached to a chain high in the air.  If someone loses their balance or drops their arm, a bucket of water will fall, eliminating them.  Tarzan and Christina are out before Jeff can finish describing the challenge.  Jeff tempts the remaining with food items, and Sabrina is feels so secure in her safety that she sacrifices herself for milk and cookies.  The next item up for grab is cupcakes, and Kim and Kat head to the sweets.

Alicia goes for the next reward sight unseen for some Halloween candy.  Chelsea is the only girl left fighting for immunity with Jay, Troyzan, and Lief.  The remaining castaways are eating their rewards and feeling safe from having their name thrown in the pot.  Troyzan loses his balance, and Jay gives up for beer and wings.  Chelsea and Lief are the only ones left, and she promises him that stepping down makes him less of a threat to the ladies.  Burgers, chips, and beer are the next enticement.  After some goading from Chelsea, Lief claims his prize and she receives immunity.

Back at camp, Chelsea realizes she is able to turn on Troyzan and Jay.  She sets her sights on Troy.  The other women agree, but try to spread out some votes for Jay in the event Troyzan plays an idol.  Kim assures Jay that he is safe, but she is quick to make sure the vote is split in case Troy has something up his sleeve.  Kim lies to Troyzan’s face, and he should be just as concerned as he is.  He doesn’t believe a word out of her mouth, so he digs up his idol.  He tells Jay this news.  This frightens Jay, as he’s next on the chopping block if Troyzan plays an idol.  Troy tries to start an overthrow to get Kim ousted.  Jay shares this news with his girls.  Who will leave??

At tribal council, Jeff Probst brings in the two jury members.  Troyzan admits to Jeff that it’s still a gender versus gender game.  Tarzan believes the women are much smarter than the men.  Jay states that while he hoped the men and women would mesh, it didn’t seem to happen.  No one seems to know which way is up, and everyone is confused as to where their loyalty lies.  Chelsea admits that there has been talk as to who may have a hidden immunity idol.  Alicia backs up this statement, citing the fact that Troyzan is wearing shorts with more pockets than normal.

The voting begins, and I can’t help but notice how clean and well fed Mike and Jonas look.  The voting that the viewers see is all over the place. Troy plays the idol.  Jay is voted off in what I would call a travesty if I liked any of the players enough to be a fan.  Jay was only on my radar because he hails from forty-five minutes up the interstate from where I live…and there are outlets there, y’all!

Next week, Troyzan is the strongest player, but he is quick to alienate himself from those spiteful women.