American Idol Elimination: You’re Hot and You’re Cold(ton)

We’re getting down there in numbers as far as this season’s American Idol is concerned.  Ryan Seacrest reveals that Wednesday’s show garnered 53 million votes, which is a record for the season.  The remaining seven perform a group number, and I have to say that these are not my favorite…although I do love Fox’s excessive use of balloons in the opening number.

After the necessary product placement for Ford, Ryan engages in witty banter with the final seven.  He asks Hollie about how last week’s save of Jessica has affected the relationships with the remaining singers.  She gives a politically correct answer before she and Joshua are called to the stage.  After Joshua’s two songs on Wednesday, JLo calls him “beautiful” while Randy Jackson touts him as one of the most gifted singers ever to grace the AI stage.  Steven Tyler believes Joshua climbed inside him…in a good way.

Hollie channeled Adele.  While the judges loved it, and I am no critic, I stand firm that it’s always a bad idea to try to recreate a song which is still popular…and sung by someone so revered in such a small amount of (American pop culture) time.   I loved her “Son of a Preacher Man” rendition, but I don’t think she can hold a candle to Adele, so she shouldn’t have even forced the comparison.  Jimmy is pulling for Joshua, while he thinks Hollie has improved.  Joshua is safe while Hollie finds herself the first in the bottom three.

Taylor Hicks crawls out of that bar I once saw him at in Birmingham to announce he’s got a Vegas tour in the works.  Sure you do…and I am a big fan of THicks.  He also introduces recent Idol winner Kris Allen who debuts a new mediocre song.  The next two up for results are Skylar and Elise.  Skylar rocked a country version of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and I think Gaga herself would be proud.  Her rendition of “Heard It Through the Grapevine” was just as impressive.  Elise is from my home state, so I am glad that she garnered love from JLo and Steven Tyler...but I am not her biggest fan.  Loved Skylar, liked Elise in a “I hate people get voted off this show” sort of way.  Ryan informs Elise that she must join Hollie in the bottom three.


After a touching Dick Clark tribute, Ryan is thrilled to have Time Square to himself in 2013 introduce the seizure that is LMFAO.  I have a friend who follows them.  For real.  So I feel bad for being terrified by their performance…and that zebra costume.

After a bleeped out song by LMFAO, Phillip, Colton, and Jessica face their AI fate.  I have loved Phillip Phillips from the get-go, but what JLo called sexy on Wednesday, I call forced and college band party (let the critics rail me, I deserve it).  However, his “Midnight Hour” rendition was ah. Mah. Zing.  I adored Colton’s “Bad Romance” while his older song was just “eh” for me…finally I’m in tune with the uber-nice judges.  Jessica was awesome in both performances.  The judges thought she was singing out of her age range, but I disagree.  Colton and his hair join Hollie and Elise in the bottom three.

Randy can’t say for sure whether America voted correctly.  It’s just crazy, man.  Ryan announces that Elise is safe.  Colton is heading home, and he makes everyone proud as he sings his way off the stage.  He apologizes for not heeding the judges criticism, and he promises to remember their critique when he’s making his award-winning record.  Great attitude, Colton!