16 and Pregnant Recap: Mothers and Daughters

On last night’s 16 and Pregnant, we meet Myranda Trevino and her boyfriend Eric Kennemer from Bronson, Texas.  She’s a track star and he hopes to play professional baseball one day.  Myranda’s mother Billie has addiction issues and allowed her three months pregnant daughter to move in with Eric at his grandmother’s after the pair had been dating six months.  Myranda has a strained relationship with her mother, but during a discussion we learn that Myranda was on the Pill but stopped taking it for a month.  She plans to drop out of school and get her GED.

Eric’s Nanny helps the couple and allows the couple to live with her for free.  Eric says the most honest thing ever on this show when he tells his brother that Myranda got pregnant because he was thinking with his penis.  Eric is working part time and about to start college classes.  Nanny is a spitfire.  She is annoyed at the pair’s stupidity in light of birth control, and she makes sure to give the couple as little privacy as possible. Nanny drops the bomb that her house isn’t a daycare facility, so the couple will have to find other living arrangements once the baby arrives.


Eric’s cousin JoJo has a house/shack hybrid that she graciously offers to Eric and Myranda.  They won’t have to pay rent, but they will be responsible for bills.  Eric questions Myranda on her thoughts on college.  He plans to help her study for the GED while he’s taking classes at community college, but he doesn’t want her to regret missing out on school.  Myranda goes to Eric’s aunt for advice, as her mother isn’t keen on helping her prep for the baby.  The duo goes to see JoJo’s house, and to say it needs a lot of work to be liveable is an understatement.  Nanny doesn’t hold her tongue when telling the pair how hard it’s going to be to fix up this place.

With the help of family and friends, Eric and Myranda are working on cleaning up the house.  His relatives have offered to get them some appliances.  Billie is a no-show when it’s time to go to Myranda’s ultrasound, and Nanny steps in to take she and Eric shopping for last minutes supplies…like a car seat.  Um.  Myranda is upset to learn how expensive all the baby necessities are going to be, and Eric seems to mentally check-out while in the store.  Myranda’s friends decide to take her to the batting cages for some fun times to take her mind off of things.  I wonder if it’s safe for a thirty-four week pregnant teen needs to be practicing her batting skills.  Her friends agree and coax her out of the cage.

The following day, Myranda gets the news that her mother has relapsed.  She relays to Eric that Billie will be heading back to rehab.  With a new baby to think about, Myranda knows that she can’t allow her mother back into her life when she is battling drug and alcohol addiction.  This poor girl had to grow up quickly long before she got pregnant.  Nanny and Eric are present for Myranda’s next ultrasound.  The couple goes bowling with friends, and I am glad to see that Eric realizes the fun times with friends are about to be few and far between as he’s going to have to be a responsible father.

Eric’s aunt is hosting a baby shower for Myranda, and Billie is in attendance as she was released from rehab the previous night.  Myranda is uncomfortable being around her mother.  Billie outlines how she is dealing with her addictions, and she tells Myranda she is 100 percent committed to getting straight so she can be a good grandmother.  She asks to be in the delivery room when Myranda’s daughter is born.  As Myranda is only allowed to have two people present, she had planned on having Eric and her best friend.  She isn’t quite sure how to relay that news to her mom though.

With two weeks until her due date, Eric has started community college and Myranda continues to study for her GED.  She is very lonely not being back in school.  After lots of work, their house is finally ready.  Myranda is struggling to figure out how to tell Billie she won’t be in the delivery room.  Eric tries to be supportive, but he leaves the two to talk.  Myranda musters up the courage to tell her mother that her best friend will be taking her place.  Her mother asks why she made her choice, and Myranda tells her that missing her ultrasound was the final straw.  The two are both in tears by the end of their talk.

Two days later, Myranda goes into labor.  Nine hours into labor, Eric and her friend are great coaches.  I’ll spare you the doctor’s instructions on pushing.  Finally Kaylee Michelle is born.  After two days in the hospital, Eric’s entire family is there to welcome the new family home.  Billie is not in attendance.  Eric is a very hands on dad, although the exhaustion is weighting on them both.  As Eric heads back to school and work, Myranda is getting more and more stir crazy.  When Kaylee is two weeks old, the couple invites Billie over, as she’s been doing well in her treatment program.  Eric suggests trusting Billie to watch Kaylee so the couple can have a date night.  Billie is happy to help, but Myranda is understandably nervous.

Over dinner, Myranda calls her mother with some last minute instructions, and both she and Eric are concerned when she repeatedly doesn’t answer the phone.  The couple rush through dinner, and they head home to find Kaylee safe in bed and Billie on the sofa.  Billie heard her phone, but she couldn’t get to it while she was holding the baby.  Billie is hurt that Myranda doesn’t trust her more.  Eric is working hard, but Myranda is having a hard time juggling everything at such a young age.  She won’t allow her Kaylee to make the same mistakes.  I can update that the pair is engaged.

Next week, Hope gets pregnant her first time having sex, and her friends want to party as opposed to spend time with her.