Welcome, y’all!  It’s your daily dose of Kardashianasty!  For those of you who actually expected Khloe  Kardashian to shy away from the small screen after bowing out of Khloe and Lamar, think again. is reporting that Khloe would like to try a different television genre.  A family insider tells the site, “Khloe wants her own talk show.  She had been working on different ideas for a show and Kris [Jenner] was the one who originally came up with the idea.”  Wait, what?  Pimpmomager Kris wants her daughter to be a talk show host?  Well knock me over with a feather, I’m shocked!


“Khloe already has a list of people she wants to interview with, including her sister’s boyfriend Kayne West and Kris is hoping to use Kayne’s connections to get celebrities, like Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow,” the source continues.

Rachel Ray Khloe also wants to incorporate a culinary aspect to her show.  The insider shares, “Khloe also wants to have famous chefs on the show because she loves cooking, especially for Lamar.  The show would be part of their $40 million deal with E!. Khloe thinks doing a reality show without Lamar [Odom] will just be weird to viewers. Plus, she loves the talk-show idea!”  You know “weird” isn’t exactly what I was thinking, but whatevs.  I actually think this would be one Kardashian train wreck I would watch!

Speaking of train wrecks, there is more to report on the never-ending divorce for the blink-and-you-missed-it marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries.  Kim was seen Sunday at her divorce attorney’s house, and I doubt they were gossiping about how cute Kanye is when he shoots scotch and hijacks awards show.

One of Kim’s insiders (who I’ll bet looks a lot like Kim!) shares with, stating, “Kim isn’t worried about this at all.  She doesn’t understand why Kris won’t just settle. He says he doesn’t want fame and attention but he’s dragging this out to stay relevant because once Kim settles with him, everyone will forget about him. Kim literally spends very little time thinking about Kris.”  Sure she does…

The source goes on to say that Kris’s worries about what happened to the couple’s wedding presents is absolutely “ridiculous,” and continues,“Kim gave money to charity instead of returning every single gift.  Guests didn’t want their wedding gifts back. Kris is just trying to drag this out.”  Guests didn’t want their gifts back?  Maybe not, but it’s hard to return gifts which have been converted to watches anyway, right?

Of course, Kris is dead set on getting to the bottom of those dag-blasted gifts, that’s for sure. is reporting that the Humphries legal team plans to bring up an alleged wedding gift that came in the form of a white Ferrari.  Does said wedding attendee/gift giver want to come to my faux nuptials?

An insider tells the site, “Kris wants a divorce trial so that the truth can finally come out, amongst other matters, he wants to know about a $325k wedding gift that the couple got from a very wealthy Malaysian businessman that attended the wedding.  Kris was at Kim’s house when the very gift was delivered — it was given to both of them, but Kim has kept sole ownership of the gift and has used it extensively. She will be asked about it, under oath, on the stand at the trial. The total of their wedding gifts, not including the $325k luxury item, was around $400k, and not the $100k value that Kim has publicly stated. When you include the $325k gift, they actually got over $700k in total in wedding presents, so Kim should have donated a lot more to charity that the $200k she claims she has.”

“Kris’ attorneys also plan on calling the Malaysian gift giver as a witness because Kim has denied that they received the $325k gift and said instead that he gave them a vase valued at around $200,” continues the source.  “The man is a billionaire; there is no way he would have given them a vase, and Kris has proof that the businessman gave them the over the top gift. For Kris this isn’t about the money, it never has been, it’s about the truth finally coming out.”

Not only does Kris want to expose wedding gift-gate twenty-eleven, he wants Kim to squirm on camera while she’s being deposed by his attorney.  While depositions are normally taped, Kimmie is adamant it doesn’t happen…after all, she really only likes to be on camera when she’s filming sex tapes reality shows.

A ‘friend’ of the former newlyweds reveals, “Kris’ lawyer Lee Hutton has told [Kim’s attorney] Laura [Wasser] that he intends to videotape Kim’s deposition, which is common practice in divorce proceedings. This is done in case a witness becomes unavailable at trial, and the deposition can be used as evidence. Kardashian’s camp has vowed to vehemently fight having the deposition taped, they don’t think it’s necessary and are afraid that it could get leaked to the media, despite assurances from Kris’ lawyer all video evidence will be kept in a safe and won’t see the light of day until the trial.”

The insider continues, adding, “It’s very likely that Wasser will file legal docs asking the judge to intervene and not have the deposition filmed, and Kris’ team is ready for that, and will cite numerous cases in which a spouse has been deposed on camera. Kris is just baffled at the opposition he is getting from Kim and he is vowing to take this to trial, unless Kim publicly apologizes to him, and admits that the marriage was a fraud. He absolutely isn’t interested in her money, period.”  Yup, he doesn’t want cash, just an attempt at humiliating a valley girl who is beyond humiliation.  For goodness sake, wasn’t she peed on by Ray J?  A public apology isn’t going to embarrass her…is it?

I know it’s a lot to digest, dear readers, but it doesn’t end there.  This family can’t let one go through something without being somewhat supportive, you know.  If Kim is facing legal woes with her divorce, her mom Kris is going to make her feel better by suing someone as well.  TMZ relays that Kris is counter suing B&P cosmetics who sued her back in 2011.  Apparently, Kris was the celebrity mouth piece for their “Beautiful Eyes in a Bag” product, but the company claimed that Kris’ recent face lift made her an unworthy spokeswoman.  Who knows if it’s the product or surgery that gives her such beguiling eyes?  #sarcasm  Kris filed suit against the company in Ohio, alleging they are simply trying to get out of their contract.  Her face lift in no way changed her eyes or how the product enhanced those baby browns.  She’s seeking compensatory damages and the ability to retain her $305K advance.

And finally, Kim has taken to retweeting old pictures of herself.  She recently posted the pic below which shows her at the height of her blonde and gluten free glory, with the caption “Gluten free is the way to be…Oh Hi.”  No word yet on Kim’s current hair color or sugar intake.  Just kidding…we all know she’s still a brunette (for now)!

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