Kendra Wilkinson’s New Show To Premiere On We TV June 5

Who’s excited for the premiere of former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson‘s latest reality show, Kendra On Top? It’s surprisingly not based on Kendra’s sex tape that was leaked a few years ago, but is instead focused on Kendra building her “brand.” Another lesson in marketing 101 from a reality show. How original. The network describes the show like this:

The series will focus on Wilkinson as she “gets her groove back,”

and works diligently to balance family, work and her personal ambitions.

KENDRA ON TOP from Prometheus Entertainment began production last month and

brings viewers back into the fun-loving world of the former playmate and her

adorable family.


At least we’ll get to gaze upon Kendra’s husband Hank Baskett III, and their adorable little boy Hank Jr. Now that he’s no longer in the NFL, Hank has decided to try his hand at acting and hosting. Can’t Kendra’s ex Hugh Hefner buy Hank a job? It’s something to think about.

The press release for Kendra’s new show describes her as a “stanch business woman” and that the “possibilities are endless” for Kendra’s business opportunity. Ventures listed include some kind of “love candy” kits, heading back to Playboy, or (wait for it) hosting a talk show. I’m hoping Kendra saves us from releasing a branded liqueur or even worse, a music single.

If Kendra does head back to Playboy, she may be able to consider a dieting or fitness tie-in. I think she looks great, but she tells Life & Style that she doesn’t “love her body” even two years after giving birth to Hank Jr.

“My nose grew during pregnancy,” she says, and she hates her boobs, “I feel like my boobs make me look bigger than I am.” Husband Hank has no problem with her frame, and she adds “[Hank] makes me feel beau­tiful no matter what. He still thinks I’m beautiful.” Of course he does; he can see!

Kendra On Top premieres June 5 on WE TV at 9 pm ET/PT. You can watch a preview at WE TV.

Image provided by WE TV