We were introduced to Sarah Roberts on last night’s 16 and Pregnant, a sixteen-year-old from Chickamauga, Georgia.  She is super close to her mother, and she lives with her mom and two brothers.  Sarah met her boyfriend Blake in the sixth grade, and they have been dating on and off for five years.  She had aspired to go to college and study journalism, while Blake dreams of being a shrimp boat captain.  Sarah’s mom Tina and Blake don’t get along, but of course she lets him move in once Sarah gets pregnant.  He’s a high school dropout, and Sarah’s mom doesn’t like how disrespectful he is or how he treats her daughter.  Blake doesn’t like following Tina’s rules, and Sarah wonders how long he will stick around in Chickamauga.  Blake thinks he could make more money shrimping in South Georgia.

Sarah’s mom does her make-up every morning.  Tina is concerned that once the baby is born the couple will take off to South Georgia.  At a doctor’s appointment, Blake seems very uncomfortable.  Sarah tells her midwife that she will be going to school online, while Blake mumbles something about getting his GED.  Blake has promised to pick up a crib from Sarah’s aunt, but he’s busy…playing video games and hanging out with his friends.  Tina warns Sarah that he’s only going to get worse once the baby is born.  Blake confides in a friend that he just wants to have fun until the baby is born.  The whole conversation has subtitles.  Thank goodness I’m Southern.  I have no problem understanding what they’re saying, which is awesome because it means I can keep typing instead of trying to decipher their backwoods twang.  The ever classy Blake reveals that he is so sick of Sarah’s mother, he is sometimes just tempted to pay child support and be done with it.


Blake stays out all night, and he’s yet to get the crib.  Tina is beyond peeved.  On the way to the doctor’s office, Sarah’s mother refuses to ride in the car with the couple.  Blake and Sarah are fighting, and he blames Tina for ruining the pair’s relationship.  At the appointment, things between Tina and Blake are tense, and only get worse when Blake calls Sarah a dumbass.  The ride home is no better.  He blames Tina for making him uncomfortable at his own baby’s doctor’s appointment.  How manipulative.  He follows that up by saying he wants to leave to go get a job shrimping, and he will likely spend most of his money on himself…oh, and he doesn’t want to be with Sarah anymore.  Winner.  I hate to tell that immature snot that getting a job on a shrimp boat isn’t easy at all, especially for entitled little boys.  Don’t ask me how I know that!

When they get home, Blake calls Sarah a bitch, and Tina begins screaming at him.  He is so disrespectful, but I really hate that they are having this argument in front of Sarah’s younger brother.  Blake takes off, and he’s MIA for the next day and a half.  He returns bearing a card and half a bag of potato chips.  He’s quite the romantic.  After apologizing, Blake and Sarah makes plans for a fun day date.  Both admit they are terrified of becoming parents.  Afterwards, Blake and Tina have a sit down about how he needs to act.  After another appointment, Sarah tries some tricks to induce labor.  Jumping jacks, licorice, and pineapple seem to the trick, and a few hours later Sarah starts having contractions.  Once at the hospital, she receives the news that the baby’s head is not in the proper position for a vaginal birth.  Sarah has a c-section, and Tinleigh Louise enters the world.

Back at home, Blake is bonding with his daughter, and he tells Sarah he hopes things will get better for them.  However, if he and Tina continue to argue, he’s off to South Georgia.  Blake is kind enough to say he wants to be around for at least the first part of Tinleigh’s life since his dad wasn’t.  How generous!  He’s taken on the night shift at a grocery store, so he basically sleeps all day and won’t help with the baby.  Sarah admits to a friend that he doesn’t seem to want to participate, and she resents that she is making more of an effort.  Blake is distant, and Tina wants to know if he has been contributing financially towards his daughter.  Sarah has been too scared to ask him as she doesn’t want to start an argument.  Sarah needs diapers, but Blake blows an entire paycheck on new tires for his truck.  Tina can’t hold her tongue, and Blake takes off….this time for good.  Starcasm has a wonderful facebook conversation between the couple right after Blake leaves…as well as the details about the couple’s two weeks as runaways when Sarah was two months pregnant.  MTV failed to mention that, but it could certainly explain Tina’s disdain for Blake.

Blake is working on a shrimp boat, and he vows to his captain that he won’t go back to live in that house.  He thinks that the money he’ll make shrimping will make up for his absence.  No lie, all shrimp boat captains sound exactly like Captain George.  Back at home, Sarah is struggling as a single mom, and she is disappointed in Blake’s decision.  She feels she has given up so much to have a baby at such a young age.  Had Sarah known how hard it would be, she would have never had sex.  Sidebar, MTV shows a premiere of the final season of the original Teen Mom, and there is going to be some major drah. Ma.



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