Sister Wives Recap: The More the “Meri”er

Kody and his Sister Wives have been struggling since moving to Las Vegas, so they are trying to make it a positive experience for the children and all the women.  That can only mean one thing…date nights!

Kody has a new car thanks to his marketing gig.  The family meets at Robyn’s to see the crew’s new ride.  It’s a convertible, so that’s practical given the amount of children this brood has.  Wait, am I watching Sister Wives or the Bachelor?  It seems as Kody planned individual dates for each wife so that their relationships can grow separate from the giant polygamist family they’ve created.  Chris Harrison would be so proud.  First up?  Meri is granted a decades long promise from Kody, and the couple is going skiing together for the first time.


Kody and his hair blame themselves for the divide between himself and Meri. He reveals that his marriage to Meri wasn’t formed based on romance, but rather a young friendship that grew in this lifestyle.  I, for one, am excited to see people who ski more terribly than I do.  Mission accomplished.  Meri is way worse than I am on the slopes, and that is a major feat considering I suck on skis.  I have to applaud Meri for her effort.  She suffers a knee injury, and ski-fun-day is over.  Meri isn’t defeated…she wants to keep skiing.  While she ices her knee at the lodge, the couple reminisces about Kody’s proposal.  She knew from the get-go that they would take more wives.  Wedding footage follows and a guy who is supposed to be Kody sings to his new bride.  That’s not Kody.  That is dude with short hair and a white tux.  Well, played TLC.  Meri begs Kody to sing their song once again, and I’m convinced she married someone different.  Yes, Kody sings the song in the same awkward off-pitch key as the guy does in the wedding video, but he’s long since been replaced by a big-haired, multiple wives doppleganger.

Meanwhile, at Janelle’s house, she’s trying to get her kids up and ready for school.  The kids are bickering, and she’s frustrated.  Her son flushes a baby doll in a last ditch attempt to wake his younger sister from a sleep coma.  Good times.  Poor Meri is wearing a knee brace due to torn ligaments.  Great date, Kody!  He leaves wife one to take Janelle on a hiking date.  If she suffers from an injury on this date, I’m crying foul.  Meri admits to feeling jealous when Kody treats one of her sister wives to a special time.  However, she also feels bad when she gets special treatment, knowing the fellow wives are likely feeling jealous at her good fortune.  The relationship among the wives seems so genuine…I only wish I felt that same sincerity from Kody.  It is totally his lion mane hair that makes me wary.

He begins his date with Jenelle by discussing how miserable Meri is from her date debacle.  Janelle and Kody head off on their nature trek, and she feels like she’s ready to conquer the world since she’s been exercising regularly.  She shares her weight loss journey with viewers.  Is this Sister Wives, the Bachelor, or Biggest Loser?   The couple remembers the beginning of their courtship, and Janelle and Kody are bonded as she was the first to bear him a child.  Typing that was almost like I was blogging  back in biblical times.  I don’t mean that in an ugly connotation, as I do believe this family is just as loving and happy as any other.  Different doesn’t equal bad.  Am I penning an after school special?

It’s date time for Christine, Kody’s third wife.  Her daughter is taking her brother (from another mother) to her daddy-daughter dance.  She figured Kody would have a lot on his plate, what with his umpteen kids.  Smart girl.  Christine goes to visit an immobilized Meri, and Kody loves that his sister wives can get advice from one another when he’s not being the most stellar husband…to one of them.  Christine seeks out Meri’s counsel regarding a rift between herself and Kody.  Meri reveals that she and Kody went through the same difficulties.  Christine just wants Kody to admit his faults, and she asks Meri if she’s faced the same issues.  Meri sings K0dy’s praises, but Christine questions how she should handle their problems.  Christine is still very jealous of Robyn joining the family.  Christine feels the balance of Meri, Janelle, Christine on Kody’s side was amazing, but she thinks he’s paying more attention to Robyn than the others.  Meri tries to placate her.  I do like to see the dynamic between these women, as they are all extremely intelligent.

Christine and Kody’s date is all about paint-balling.  I can’t help but think Christine is just thrilled to shoot at her husband.  Kody admits that he doesn’t want to talk too much with Christine as she’s likely to bring up the fact he has other wives…and that would be awkward.  To table any deep talks, Kody rents a helicopter to finish their date.  He was correct…a helicopter means that Christine won’t bitch about Robyn.  Since she was a small child, she always had aspirations of being a third wife.  Christine also thinks that Kody showed an entirely different side of himself once they wed.  She promises to be more grateful for Kody after getting Meri’s advice.  Really?  I like the wives…but the husband?  Jury’s still out on that one.

Robyn is dealing with multiple sick children.  Some of her kids are from a previous marriage, but she does have a baby with Kody.  Robyn finally feels like she’s gained great relationships with her sister wives.  Kody embraces all of Robyn’s children which makes her beyond thrilled.  Kody finds it odd that viewers and fans can’t understand why he spends time with the women individually.  We learn that Meri actually set Kody up with Robyn, which was a huge deal considering that Robyn was divorced.  Kody and Robyn head to dinner and discuss having more kids.  With the exception of Kody skiing with Meri, did I miss when he became a snow boarding champion?  Or does he just constantly lay out in his shades to get those raccoon eyes?  Robyn is so sweet.  She seems to want to be on great terms with her sister wives regardless of what Kody is thinking or doing.

A birthday is planned for Meri and one of Robyn’s kids from her first marriage.  It’s a giant party, and Robyn is thrilled that Solomon, her baby with Kody, is so well-received by the plethora of children.  Meri has a great time, and Kody surprises his first wife with a trip to Mexico…while holding his baby with Robyn.  Is TLC trying to stir up dramz among the women?