Part two of the Mob Wives reunion starts amidst the chaos of the Drita D’Avanzo and Ramona RizzoRenee Graziano is trying to separate the women, and Drita leaves the set.  Joy Behar doesn’t even get out of her seat.  She’s just watching the craziness.  Finally the women come back to the sofas, where Drita and Ramona continue to scream and bleep and threaten to kill one another off camera.  I think they even decide to fight it out after the reunion (in the parking lot, perhaps?), and there are accusations of being in a gang.  They are too well-dressed for this nonsense.  Carla Facciolo and Karen Gravano are trying to keep the peace, urging the women to speak nicely.  Renee tries to redirect, and Karen jumps on her for interrupting Joy.  Renee tells Joy how to run the show, and it actually makes sense.

Joy seems to have regained control and Drita and Ramona are able to discuss the fight without raising their voices…too much.  The next confrontation highlighted is between Drita and Karen.  Karen and Drita have different definitions of friendship, but they plan to respect their truce.  Joy is concerned that once people start gossiping on Staten Island, the truce will disappear.  Karen and Drita reveal that they have promised to go directly to the other to resolve any issues regarding the rumor mill.  Ramona says that she and Carla have a similar agreement, but it seems that Carla still likes to talk about her.  Joy was excited that she was able to keep the women calm for at least a few minutes.  We need more Big Ang and less bleeping.


Carla’s husband Joe and Karen’s baby daddy Dave join the women.  Joy welcomes the felons, ahem, the fellas.  Good one, Joy!  Dave admits that he went to jail for a multitude of charges, including attempted murder.  Joe is purely a white collar criminal, with tax evasion and wire fraud on his record.  Apparently the show is a hit in prison.  Joe reveals he wasn’t too keen on Carla being on the show, but it’s much different than he expected.  He isn’t the biggest fan of some of the ladies’ actions and language.  The women’s love lives (or lack of) are revisited, with most of the ladies getting puppies instead of suitors.

Joy puts Joe on the spot as to where he and Carla stand romantically.  He says there is no romance, but they are the best of friends.  So much so, in fact, that Carla is his number one, and his girlfriend is second.  Renee about loses it when she hears this information.  Carla touts their very close relationship.    Joe just turned forty-three and his girlfriend is “in her twenties.”  Joe is hilarious and adorable.  Carla and Joe say that they didn’t have sex once they broke up because they didn’t want to confuse their children with a new relationship.  Renee hopes that the pair will eventually get back together, and it’s not something either is opposed to doing.  Joy warns that it’s hard to change a cheater, but Joe thinks he could be faithful.

Dave is in the hot seat, and he has decided to stay in Arizona.  Karen isn’t willing to move back to Arizona yet, as she has so many opportunities in New York.  She says that their daughter Karina will be coming to live with her in New York, and Dave quickly adds, “for the summer.”  He says it is too be determined whether Karina will stay in New York full time.  This appears to be news to Karen.  Dave has a lot of respect for Karen, and they quickly get to the topic of how great Dave is in bed.  Joe looks impressed, Big Ang can’t contain her amusement, and Renee is appalled when Ramona says he “lays the pipe well.”  Yikes.  I hope poor Karina isn’t watching.  The couple cites that they can’t be together now because while Dave was in prison for ten years, Karen started a new life.  Now that he’s out, he’s trying to rebuild his life, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a future for the pair.

Drita admits that she still has feelings for Lee, and it’s hard to be mad when he’s being so nice to her.  However, she is not willing to forgive him for cheating.  We learn that guys can cheat while in prison, and Dave had a relationship with a female corrections officer while he was in the clink.  The consensus seems to be that Drita will get back with Lee once he is out of jail.  She doesn’t agree.  Big Ang talks about what a bum her husband is, but she thinks he looks like Russell Crow and can also put down in the bedroom.  Really?  I’d almost rather there be yelling and fighting!  Ramona is still with Joe and visits him in jail when she can.  She says he breaks up with her every other week because he feels guilty for making her wait for him.  Renee announces she loves dating criminals because you always know he can support his family if he loses his job.  I think she’s joking, but one can never be too sure with Renee.

Big Ang’s conviction is discussed.  She was arrested for possession of cocaine (and apparently selling it).  Big Ang claims she was just doing it to survive and feed her family.  She was in jail for only a day, but under house arrest for six months.  Big Ang found out that her friend was wearing a wire when she was on her way to a date and her car was surrounded.  Karen admits that she spent forty-eight hours in jail for selling drugs in Arizona.  Not surprisingly, Carla has never been in trouble with the law.

There is a precious montage of the women with their children.  Joy wants to know if the ladies feel the need to overcompensate to make up for the absent fathers.  Joy wonders if its such a good idea to take the children to the prison, but Ramona insists it is more important that the kids get to see their loved ones.  She also wants to teach her kids that people who are incarcerated aren’t bad people, they just made bad decisions.  Drita and Renee agree.  Joy brings up the women’s rage issues and worries that their children may pick up on their hot tempers.  All the women claim to act differently around their children, although I am guessing A.J. has been a witness to one of Renee’s many meltdowns.

There is a curse counter, and Renee has sworn upwards of four hundred times this season.  Drita’s rap “career” is highlighted.  Karen and Renee think Drita nailed it.  Ramona even says she’s impressed that Drita tried something new.  Joy brings up Karen’s book, and Drita admits she still hasn’t read it.  Things are getting tense yet again, so it’s a perfect time for Joy to revisit Ramona and Drita’s hatred for one another.  Apparently there was a time when they actually hung out together.  Ramona seems to think things went awry when Drita found out she was joining the cast and tried to have her blocked. Drita claims she was trying to block another problem that could come out by Ramona appearing on the show.  Joy brings up Drita telling Renee what Ramona said about Junior.  They are at least managing to be cordial.  Renee drops to her knees to thank God.  Wow, that was relatively drama free, wasn’t it?


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