What Is Mob Wives Star Renee Graziano Doing Now?

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

As seen on Mob Wives, central character Renee Graziano‘s unhinged chaos helped make this series shine. Being the daughter of the reputed Bonanno crime family consigliere, Anthony Graziano, Renee started off this series hot. We get it, because she more than earned her spot. In Season 1, she was emotionally volatile, but as the years went by, her entire persona shifted.

You see, right before filming started on Season 2, Renee underwent a life-threatening plastic surgery procedure. This almost killed her, but then, the surgeon turned around and sued Renee for $77 million, as he found her comments that aired disparaging. Several years later, Dr. Ayman Shahine saw himself being charged with 29 counts of negligence, with multiple victims in tow. His license is now DOA.

After this major life event, Renee softened, becoming a levelheaded mediator for her costars, even though her battles with sobriety were always bubbling at the surface. Sadly, Mob Wives got the ax after Season 6, which filmed in 2015, airing in 2016. So what’s Renee been up to in the years that followed? We’ll spill that tea now.

Renee killed it on Celebrity Big Brother

When Mob Wives went off the air in 2016, Renee was offered a spot on Celebrity Big Brother. Naturally she said yes, and once in the house, Renee lasted all the way up to the final. Overall, she finished in third place. She was also the last woman, and the last American, left standing.

She then ventured over to Marriage Boot Camp

What do you do when your relationship’s in trouble and you’re a household name? Easy. You go on Marriage Boot Camp. Listen, the tabloids are going to talk anyways, so you might as well capitalize on your problems, eh?

Appearing alongside Joe Gambino, these two were explosive af. From cursing to raised fists to heated fights, they brought the drama, but also, it took a toll on Renee’s health.

Afterwards, Renee OD’d and entered rehab

Once the cameras went dark, Renee’s road took a few sharp turns. Yet, she chose to keep moving forward, and we have to stan her persistence, alongside her willingness to be so candid about her struggles. When Renee’s mental health first teetered, she saw the warning signs coming, and she sought help in Florida for her depression.

After this, Renee unfortunately turned back to her vices, following treatment for a broken coccyx. “I didn’t eat, and I wasn’t sleeping for days at that point, and my body caved in. I had almost no potassium and that causes a heart attack. I collapsed. I had an overdose and my mom didn’t know what to do so they called the ambulance. They put me on an IV and a 72-hour hold,” Renee candidly explained.

Every cloudy season deserves a rainbow. Thankfully, during her storm(s), Renee received hers, which came in the form of her grandson, Anthony.

2018 saw Renee wanting to empower others

After exiting rehab, Renee wanted to make a difference in other women’s lives. Therefore, she took on a job at Transitions Recovery, her former rehab center in Florida. Here, she began sharing her story, giving others something to relate to as they ventured along their own paths.

Family Boot Camp came next

Also in 2018, Renee brought her sisters to Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. The sentence of “You cause me so much grief” was said often, but the counselors were able to help this family communicate, which was needed.

Then, a 2022 DUI occurred

Once back on Staten Island, Renee lost control of her car, colliding with a parked, and thankfully unoccupied, Jeep Wrangler. When the officers arrived, Renee appeared to be under the influence, the police alleged, so Renee’s arrest followed. Taking to multiple outlets in the months that followed, Renee repeatedly stressed that she was clean. However, she did reveal that she’d taken Adderall just prior to the crash.

In 2022, Renee made us Fuhgeddabout Christmas

Returning to the bright lights, Renee went on to star in Fuhgeddabout Christmas, a scripted holiday film that also featured her close friend Teresa Giudice. In this, Renee played herself, but with an additional boost, as she was coined “The Fairy Mob Mother.”

Jason Wahler lent Renee his support in 2022

Still working to overcome her demons, Renee enlisted the help of Jason Wahler, whose own addictions formed after years of starring on Laguna Beach and The Hills. These days, Jason’s a board member of The Red Songbird Foundation, which offers online education, as well as scholarships to various facilities, for those seeking recovery. There’s also a podcast, which Renee appeared on after receiving care, sharing her story.

An overdose made Renee flatline in 2023

The thing about addiction and sobriety is that it’s a daily battle. Renee understands this full well, as in 2023, her addictions resurfaced, and she literally died. Appearing on the Dumb Blonde podcast, Renee explained that she ingested what she thought was cocaine, but in reality, it was laced with fentanyl, unbeknownst to her. She OD’d.

“I died in a restaurant in Florida. I was dead, intubated for three days. No one in my family came to the hospital and I spent nine days there learning how to walk again. That was it for me,” Renee said, thankfully noting that this was her “come-to-Jesus” moment.

Renee’s now sober, with help from Lamar Odom

Luckily, another star then jumped in to assist Renee on her journey. Lamar Odom slid into Renee’s DM’s following her OD, letting Renee know that his facility would welcome her with open arms. Renee accepted Lamar’s offer, and began receiving therapy for extensive trauma at his Vanity Wellness Treatment. Just last week, Renee took to her Instagram, sharing that she was now over 4 months sober.

We love to hear it, and we wish Renee nothing but peace as she continues taking her next steps. Also, if anyone in charge is reading this, we also wish for a Mob Wives reboot.