BBW’s Tami Roman Discusses Bullying With Wendy Williams, Says Her Daughters Were “Embarrassed” By Her Behavior!

It was the bullying heard ’round the internet (although the same could be said about the entire fourth season of Basketball Wives), and Tami Roman is still discussing her vile behavior towards cast mate Kesha Nichols when the women were vacationing in Tahiti.  Tami recently went on the Wendy Williams Show to share her side of the story.  Spin, spin, spin, ladies!

Tami begins the interview by addressing the situation and feeling badly for how she acted–or in her mind, reacted.  Basically she cites Kesha’s gossip that viewers didn’t see (isn’t that convenient?) as explanation for how she shouldn’t have been acting.  Follow?  It’s hard, I know.

Tami tries to defend herself while feeling bad for her behavior.  She tells Wendy, “It was a difficult time because the truth of the matter is I can’t let what someone is saying behind the scenes…what they’re doing…how they’re acting drive me to that level of frustration but a lot of that you guys didn’t really see.”


Tami adds, “At the end of the day the only person who I have to blame is me because I was the one who got up there and acted a pure fool — I’m openly admitting that — but I have since apologized to Kesha I have tried to take the responsibility behind my actions.”

Of course, Tami can’t leave it at an apology.  She alludes to the backlash the show has garnered from the likes of Star Jones, Nicki Minaj, and now NeNe Leakes, saying, “A lot of people sit and point the finger and start boycotts and all of this other stuff, but nobody’s stepping up to the plate to mentor to help us.”  No offense, but I don’t think these women need mentoring, they need a reality check.

“I think that everybody does you know if you turn a camera around on anybody’s life for one day everybody’s has a moment that they aren’t too proud of,” Tami admits to Wendy.

She also gets upset about the realization about how her actions affected her daughters.  Tami explains that watching herself this season has been a wake-up call for change.  She admits, “For me, I am raising my two daughters and this particular incident really taught me a valuable lesson … I wasn’t really acknowledging the platform that VH1 and Shed have offered me … I wasn’t really being responsible, you know.”

“For the first time I looked at my daughters and they weren’t really proud of their Mom and they were embarrassed of me.  They took a lot between the social media networks and everything and I said you know what it’s ridiculous that I’m on TV … I have a huge platform I should be responsible I should be accountable you know and I haven’t really been honoring that.”

I have to give Tami props for that…if in fact she is able to maintain that mindset.  So far, she’s deactivated her twitter account (although one could argue that move is more to ignore the haters), and she’s hinted that she won’t be back for BBW’s fifth season.  You’ll recall that Tami said in the finale that she was planning to move back to Los Angeles.

Perhaps she’s done with reality television for good.  She tells Wendy, “I just signed on to be a series regular for a new show, the network hasn’t made the announcement yet so I can’t really talk too much about it but you guys will see me actually doing a scripted program.”  Do we have another NeNe on our hands?

You can catch a video of Tami’s remorseful appearance on Wendy below!

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