Dance Moms Recap: Losing in Los Angeles

She’s ba-ack!  It’s Abby Lee Miller, suckers!  I am a bit frightened watching the highlights from last season’s original Dance Moms.  I had forgotten who intense it was!

The girls and moms are ready for the pyramid, and the women are polling the kids as to who will thinks Abby will apologize for storming out in the past season’s finale.  The girls know that she won’t.  Holly thinks Abby ditched the troupe at competition because poor Maddie forgot her dance, and Holly finds Abby’s behavior deplorable.  It’s interesting to watch this after Dance Moms: Miami, where the instructors were so nurturing to the kids…they just (rightfully) thought the moms were insane!


After thirty minutes of waiting, Abby arrives.  She begrudgingly congratulates Chloe for winning her division, and she addresses Holly about her accusations that she left because Maddie forgot her choreography.  Abby agrees, but starts screaming that some kids are just special.  She doesn’t need to console other upset dancers.  She wants to focus on the upcoming competition in Los Angeles.

Paige is at the bottom of the pyramid for losing control of her prop.  Nia joins her for fidgeting with her outfit during rehearsals.  Brooke is also at the bottom for not having point shoes.  Maddie is one level up, although she should be at the bottom for forgetting her dance.  MacKenzie is on the second level as well for her cute face and charisma.  Chloe scores the top spot for actually winning her division. She will be featured in the group number, I Want It Now, as well as dancing a solo.  MacKenzie will have a solo as well, and Abby strips Maddie from her solo.  Brooke, Chloe and Paige will perform a trio.

In the viewing room, the mothers are chastising Abby for not doing her job.  I do love the difference between Abby’s group and Victor and Angel’s group.  Abby’s moms aren’t nearly as crazy, and Victor and Angel seem to really love each and every one of their dancers.  Kelly and the other mothers confront Melissa about helping Abby leave the competition after Abby lied and said she had to leave due to an illness in the family.

While the moms may not be totally crazy, they can be mean girls when talking about former Abby dance mom/new dance studio rival Cathy.  But let’s all be honest, Cathy has always been one sandwich short of a picnic. She is determined to beat Abby Lee dancers at any cost.  It’s almost like I’m watching a superhero movie, and she’s Spiderman’s newest nemesis.

Chloe is working very hard on her solo.  Christi is bullying Melissa into confronting Abby about her lies, but Melissa isn’t budging.  The moms address Abby about teamwork.  They want to know that Abby has each of the girls’ backs.  Abby totally disagrees, and she asks her assistant to dial 9-1-1 when Christi accuses her of making excuses. Um?

MacKenzie is practicing her solo, and Abby adores her.  The group begins to rehearse their number, and Abby is concerned that Chloe won’t be able to carry the dance, as she’s used to watching Maddie out of the corner of her eye.  In the viewing room, the moms want to know why Melissa didn’t stick up for herself…it’s the same reason she won’t stick up to the moms…she is a self-admitted door mat.  Abby has Maddie help her train the girls dancing in the trio.  She calls upon Maddie to critique her peers which clearly makes the all the girls involved uncomfortable.  The moms are confused by the choreography.

Abby enlists Nia, Maddie, and Paige to critique Chloe’s solo.  The mothers are aghast at this new “technique” and the dancers don’t like it either.  Nia feels uncomfortable judging her friend.  Melissa is thrilled that Maddie, for once, doesn’t have a solo so she doesn’t have to be subjected to this ridiculousness.  Abby puts poor Chloe under so much pressure, and I feel terribly for her.  Chloe is saddled with her hip injury, but she doesn’t want to stop until Abby’s assistant instructs her to get some ice.  Christi doesn’t want Chloe to get even more hurt by not speaking up to Abby.

Abby finally approaches Maddie about her forgetfulness, as well as tarnishing Abby’s studio’s name by walking off stage mid-routine.  After many practices, Abby tells Maddie that she must be ready to dance this routine at any given time, as she’s going to sign Maddie up for the same solo when she least expects it.

The crew arrives in Los Angeles.  Upon arrival, Abby reveals to Melissa that the competition “forgot” to withdraw Maddie’s solo, so she will be dancing.  Christi isn’t shocked at all.  Maddie really doesn’t want to dance her solo, but she doesn’t really have a choice.  Abby thinks a scratch would make her look bad.  Paige, Brooke, and Chloe first dance their trio.  I think the girls look great, but a little off at points.  Abby can’t even watch.  Paige is called out for her missed kick as soon as the girls get off stage.

MacKenzie’s solo is next, and she wants to do well to avoid being yelled at by Abby.  Midway through her routine, she slips after doing two back handsprings.  She tries to finish, but she’s forced to leave the stage.  Abby consoles MacKenzie, saying she hates to be the good guy.  Maddie is now forced into her solo, and Maddie really doesn’t want to perform.  She tells Abby that she doesn’t want to anger her instructor, but she isn’t comfortable doing her solo.

Chloe is shaking like a leaf as Abby gives a really scary pep talk.  It’s time for her to go on stage.  Melissa urges her daughter to make something up if she forgets her choreography.  Poor Chloe says she understands the pressure that Maddie is always under.  The announcer calls Maddie’s name, and Maddie tries to take the stage.  She bawls as her mother encourages her to keep her seat.  I do love that these moms are more concerned about their children then their dances.  Chloe rocks her solo.  These girls have such great attitudes.

The dancers are practicing their group number amidst Abby’s screaming. The moms agree that Abby is more concerned about her lacking choreography rather than the girls’ dancing ability.  Abby chastises/pep talks Maddie into being a stellar performer for the group number after not performing her solo.  Abby finds the group number to be “cute.”  But who knows how they did for California standards…

MacKenzie places for her solo which is great considering she didn’t finish.  Chloe finishes fifth, and she’s met with a cold Abby saying it was good, as she did was she was told to do…basically.  Why do these moms subject their daughters to this woman??  The trio places third, and the group dance receives fifth place.  Abby is beyond peeved.  She lectures the girls and their moms as soon as they get into the practice room.

Abby starts in on Chloe about her turns.  I now know why Abby is always hoarse.  Poor Brooke stands in the corner nervously picking her nails as Christi tries to usher all of the kids out of the room.  Abby’s tirade rages on despite a smaller audience.  Kelly accuses Abby’s choreography of being stale, and Abby is right in her face.  Classy!

Next week, Kelly grabs her kids from rehearsals after Abby has a meltdown about chair pads.  Abby chastises Maddie about almost crying, and it seems that there’s an empty stage when someone should be dancing…