Boozing, Arrests, and Nudie Pics…All in a Day’s Work for the Cast of Jersey Shore!

And so it begins…The cast of Jersey Shore hasn’t been filming their final season for very long, and they are already duking it out in bars, getting arrested, and leaking nude photos.  That didn’t take long, did it? is reporting that the crew (sans a pregnant Snooki) got into a massive bar brawl Friday night at Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights.  A source reveals, “It started as a small fight, then turned into a massive brawl.  Jenni’s boyfriend beat up a few guys, Pauly knocked some guy out, [and] Ronnie [and] Sitch were all there as well, fighting off guys. Jenni sprained her ankle.”  No doubt all of these shenanigans happened with MTV’s cameras rolling.  I can only imagine the smack down that ensued if the fight involved Roger!


A certain meatball didn’t let her feuding friends ruin the remainder of her weekend.  The same site alleges that Deena Cortese continued boozing throughout the weekend and found herself arrested for public intoxication yesterday.  Of course she did!  Deena was cuffed and taken into custody after an officer witnessed her standing in the middle of the road, slapping passing cars.   Wait, what?  After being served with a summons, she was released.  Of the arrest, Seaside’s police chief touts it as “[n]othing major, but we can’t put up with it.”

Not one to be left out of the fun just because she’s expecting, Snooki had some issues of her own this weekend.  Someone from Snooki’s past leaked some pre-preggo naked pictures of the orange meatball to the UK’s Daily Mail.  The photos apparently were taken by Snooki with her cell phone and show her posing in the mirror of a hotel room wearing nothing but an open robe and a smile.  She’s yet to comment on the situation (the naked pic snafu, not Mike Sorrentino), but her rep tells, “Clearly these are old and personal photos that were not meant for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

You know what else is a shame?  It’s a shame that people don’t ever seem learn that when they take naked pictures of themselves and then text them to someone else, said pictures will eventually be leaked.  Why is this such a hard concept for people–especially celebrities–to grasp?  I am baffled.

So, it would appear that the gang of guidos and guidettes is off to a running start this season.  It is, after all, their final ride on this rodeo…they need to make it memorable!


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