On last night’s Sister Wives we were treated to two family filled episodes.  In the first, we are introduced to Kody’s brothers.  In the second, the older teens are highlighted, and I must say I really like them.

Kody’s brothers arrive to take on Vegas. The family is gathered at Meri’s house. The wives haven’t seen his brothers since the family moved from Utah. We are introduced to Scott and Curtis, and the three Brown brothers head off on motorcycles with Curtis joking he’s going to pick up some ladies. It’s hilarious because Curtis is monogamous unlike his older brothers.


The wives take Curtis’ wife Erica out for a wild time as well–pottery painting. Meri is anti-crafts. Erica and the wives discuss how lucky they are to all get along even with such different beliefs. She admits that she was hesitant to meet the family at first.

The brothers head to the oldest bar in Vegas. As non-drinkers, they are going crazy with the ice waters. Curtis and his wife drink on occasion (for shame!) so he has a beer. Scott is uncomfortable being in a bar. We learn he has two wives. Curtis is adorable explaining that he can’t imagine having more than one wife. The youngest brother Michael arrives. He’s married to one woman, but he’s not opposed to finding another.  It’s another guys’ night out and the wives are thrilled to see Kody so happy. The brothers head to the shooting range where they shoot giant guns. Kody’s corny jokes are wearing on my last nerve. I’m also a bit concerned about his arsenal of firearms.

Back at Janelle’s house, the women are making sushi. The wives just can’t get enough of Erica! Over a nice dinner at a casino (they are really living on twice edge, no?), the brothers discuss when Michael will take his second wife. He and his wife are open to another lady. He’s 24 so it’s about time they get on that. Curtis again explains that he could never live the lifestyle, which is a good thing because Erica would divorce him if he decided to become a polygamist.

The entire family joins together at Meri’s for a church service. There aren’t any polygamist churches in Vegas. Both Kody and Curtis teach lessons with Curtis preaching that not everyone needs to share their faith in the same way. In their interview, Kody and Janelle reveal that,while they want their children to choose the faith that is best for them, they will be heartbroken if it’s not polygamy. I have a feeling they are going to be heartbroken.

The spouses have a meeting with their realtor and fill her in on what happened with financing. She tells the family that there are four vacant lots on the same street that will give them more time to fix their credit. Hopefully they will be able to secure more traditional financing. Janelle and Christine aren’t holding their breath.

On the second episode, some of the older kids go back to Utah to visit friends during spring break. Mariah (Kody and Meri’s daughter) is going with three of Janelle’s oldest kids (Logan, Madison, and Hunter) on a road trip to Utah. We’re reminded the struggles many of the kids faced with their move to Vegas.

The kids are adjusting well in Vegas so they don’t think it will be hard to visit Utah. Their first stop is Meri’s parents home to visit with grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The following day is April Fools so Madison and Logan tell Mariah that Hunter has been arrested for underage drinking. They enlist Meri via text to tell Mariah they must cancel the rest of the trip. Mariah is livid until they reveal their joke.

Robyn is pursuing her dream to design jewelry and have a boutique. Will you be shopping at My Sister Wives’ Closet? Kody and his wives are partnering with a local jeweler. The jeweler jokes that most women don’t like sharing clothing and jewelry, but Robyn reminds him that they share a husband so everything else is pretty simple.

The wives and Kody take the younger kids to play a very competitive game of mini-golf. We learn that Christine is quite the cheater when it comes to games. The wives joke about her ability to even fool herself.

The older kids head on a hike in Utah. Mariah wants to be in a plural marriage. She also wants to be a doctor. The siblings pack a picnic, but Hunter and the girls are too cold. Logan shocks his siblings by dropping the f-bomb. Janelle thinks he’s just experimenting, but Christine finds it unacceptable. The older kids admit that maybe they’ve sworn too…once or twice…on occasion.

The teens go visit their old house which is now inhabited by Meri’s sister’s family. They are sad to see how different it is. For the wives, no longer sharing a home makes family life very difficult. They really need the family closer together.  I must say I’m very impressed by the teens. They are a lot closer than I expected.


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