We wanted to keep our readers in the loop today about some changes that are coming! Reality Tea will be undergoing maintenance and will be getting some wonderful updates/upgrades to help the site run faster, be more secure, and enhance the commenting system!

There will be an editorial freeze for a large part of the day today as we make those changes. You’ll still be able to access the site and read the articles already published. We just won’t be posting anything new until the maintenance is finished. We’re aiming for later tonight or tomorrow morning! We’ll post an update once it’s all clear and good to go.

One big change you’ll see – and we don’t want you to panic! – is that the comments may disappear. We’re changing over to Disqus (yay!!) to make your commenting experience much more enjoyable and easier to navigate, conversate, etc! That means the old comments will disappear temporarily. We’re hoping they will return in a few days or so!

Thanks for your patience through it all! You guys are the best!!


P.S. “Conversate” was a joke.  😉

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