In a shocking Bachelor Pad twist, Holly Durst and Blake Julian not only fell in love on the show, but they actually got married!  Bachelor Pad is like a modern-day (read, classless and trashy) version of Circus of the Stars – it’s all fun and games of the (not so) famous. Bachelor Pad, compared to The Bachelorette, is less about romantic dates and amazing proposals and more about selling each other and yourself out to get to the cash prize.  Holly Durst, winner of season 2 of Bachelor Pad, got both – a romantic proposal and the cash prize.

Holly and Blake got married on June 2nd in South Carolina.  Holly talks to Cupid’s Pulse about the very special day and the honeymoon that followed.  Holly is settling right into her new life.  She says, “I’m so happy! I love married life. It’s just the best!”


Holly really wanted the day to be above and beyond, no little detail to go unnoticed. “I planned my whole wedding on Pinterest. I wanted to make sure that I remembered all of the little things,” she says. One of those little things wasn’t even about her or Blake.  The lucky lady who caught the bouquet also got a sweet little  note from Holly. “I wrote a little note and stuck it in the flowers,” she shares. “I told her to be patient, and when she finds love, it’s going to be perfect. I hope that, someday, she experiences the same love that I have with Blake.”

Holly tells us about a very intimate moment she and Blake shared before the actual ceremony.  “Blake and I both were in the same room, but we couldn’t see each other – there was a wall in between us. We got to reach around and pray together right before the wedding,” she shares.  That moment is Holly’s favorite memory from the the entire day.

The newlyweds honeymooned in St. Lucia.  Blake and Holly chose the Caribbean so they wouldn’t lose too much time traveling.  Apparently, Blake took over the honeymoon planning.  “He actually did all of the searching, and I just okayed things,” Holly reveals. “I planned a wedding, so I let him plan the honeymoon!”

So awesome that Blake took an interest in the little details and helped Holly with the plans.

The couple had a great time in St. Lucia.  Holly says, “It was so good! I didn’t want to come back.” Holly and Blake took advantage of everything the resort had to offer.  The newlyweds participated in all of the fun games and island excursions.  They even encouraged all the other guests to join them to make it more fun for everyone!  Holly shares, “One day, we left the resort and did an excursion around the island. We came back, and everyone was like, ‘No one did anything today because you guys weren’t around!’ We were the ones grabbing other people to join.”

Reality TV – check, check, and check.  Wedding – check.  Honeymoon – check.  So, what’s next for the happy couple?

According to Holly, the only sure thing is, no more reality TV. “I love my life with Blake, and I love how we live in a perfect little town and have this perfect little world, and I don’t want to mess it up,” she says.

TELL US – With Holly’s ex-fiance Michael Stagliano on the cast list for the new season of Bachelor Pad, ABC will most likely try to get her to return to the Pad as a special guest. It’s all about the drama! Will Holly be able to resist the reality TV Kool-aid?

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