Will Amber Portwood Get to See Daughter Leah While In Jail?

Amber Portwood just can’t catch a break.  Not only is the Teen Mom star serving time in prison, she’s about to undergo an examination of her “medical, psychological, mental, and emotional health” which could last several weeks.  HollywoodLife.com is reporting that during that time, Amber will not be allowed to have any visitors…and that includes four-year-old daughter Leah.

Douglas S. Garrison, the Chief Communications Officer of the Indiana Department of Corrections, tells the site, “During this diagnostic process time, Amber is not allowed any visitors, including her baby daughter. However, she is allowed to make out-going phone calls.”


Once the examination process is completed, Amber will then be assigned to one of three correctional facilities where she will serve the remainder of her five-year-sentence.  In the meantime, Amber’s ex Gary Shirley will maintain full custody of Leah.

Garrison also spoke with E!Online, stating that Amber is “currently going through a two- to three-week intake and diagnostic process and is not allowed visitors.  The purpose of this is to get [her] ready for the facility that [she] will be assigned to.”

He explains, “Once she is there she will then be allowed visitors.”

Amber’s brother Shawn reveals that no exceptions will be made for Leah.  He says, “[She’s in a] mandatory reception period [where] they are in the process of transitioning her from one place to another…It’s only a matter of time before she sees Leah.”

He reiterates, “[W]hen she is done with processing then she will be able to see Leah. She is not being treated any differently than anyone else.”

Garrison also says that Leah may not serve her full sentence. This diagnostic process counts towards time served, and if she chooses to participate in therapeutic or educational programs while in prison, those could help her shave some time off of her sentence.  Additionally, he explains, “In Indiana we have a good time credit provision.  If someone comes in with, say, a five-year sentence…and they behave…they earn day-to-day credit for good time. So that five-year sentence could turn into a two-and-a-half-year sentence.”
It’s a sad situation all around, so here’s hoping that Amber receives the help she needs.