Uh-Oh… is there a feud of the wives brewing on the horizon? Jessica Canseco and Andrea Kelly, the stars of Hollywood Exes, are speaking out about how the Real Housewives franchise is all about drama – and NOT about friendship! Well, duh!

“We need to support each other as women rather than beating each other up,” Jessica told RadarOnline. And she says that’s the difference between their show and other reality shows with “wives” in the title.

“It is absolutely a different message to other reality shows where the women are not even friends and they end up hating each other,” Andrea added. “Why would anyone want to bring somebody down?” she asked. Oh, I dunno – Ratings, money, contracts, endorsement deals… I could go on.


Andrea believes her show represents “a true sisterhood. You can see how we really support each other because our lives are so parallel,” she explained.

“We do go through some ups and downs and we’re all about passion when it comes to things, and we’re going to agree to disagree, but at the end of the day we really are sisters and we really do care about each other so we come back together,” Jessica said.

“You put a bunch of girls in a room and you’re going to get fights and disagreements and that’s just the way it goes, I fight with my own sisters,” she added. However both Jessica and Andrea believe the drama has become unnecessary – and it’s harmful to women and their relationships.

“I like the Beverly Hills Housewives, but I just don’t care for the shows where they don’t like each other and they’re not getting along. I don’t care to keep continuing to watch something and it’s episode after episode when they are continuing to hate each other,” Andrea explained. Does anyone get along on RHOBH? Andrea must not really watch…

“What good is that? What is that teaching us? I don’t get it. That’s what is so great about our show, women need to support women.”

Jessica and Andrea also share that their show is truly about their lives and is not fabricated for drama, ratings, or because their real lives are boring. Imagine that!

“This show gives you a peak as to what is under there and it allows ourselves to be vulnerable,” Andrea described. “The stories are the same but we’re just changing the names. Sometimes when you look at celebrity it’s like smoke and mirrors, all the glitz and the glam and the luxury, and the trips, and nobody gets to see what’s under the red carpet.”

She continued, “You get to see our insecurities and ups and downs, we have days when we’re not feeling good about ourselves, and days when we want to lie in bed and cry.”

Although sometimes there is drama. “It’s part of my personality,” Jessica dished. “I’m not afraid to show Jessica and that’s just Jessica.”

Here’s my two cents: This is only the first season! Check back in season three and let me know how much drama there is – and how many of these women remain “true friends.”

All the Housewives started as friends, but then competitive famewhoring took over and it became like the high school popularity contest and destroyed relationships. Apparently number of twitter followers does equal self-worth in the Reality TV world.

That being said, I hope the women remain friends – it’s much better that way!

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