Chris Harrison Shoots Down Rumors That Roberto is the Next Bachelor, Kalon McMahon Talks Bachelor Pad, Plus Men Tell All Details!

So apparently hottie Roberto Martinez isn’t the new Bachelor…yet.   Chris Harrison spoke to to quiet the rumors that Roberto was a sealed deal for next season.

“I will confirm it, he’s not the Bachelor, we’ve not named anybody to be the Bachelor yet,” the show’s host tells the site.

“We don’t need to, we don’t name anybody so early,” Chris explains. “I love the speculation and that people are talking about our show but we just don’t need to make decisions yet.”

Don’t get him wrong, he loves Roberto.  He says, “He is a great guy, I love Roberto. First of all I hear he’s stunningly handsome, and he’s a very nice guy, he has a lot to offer and would be a great Bachelor. I would put my vote behind him but luckily I don’t have a vote.”


Chris isn’t adverse to having someone new in the role of Bachelor.  I agree…enough recycling!  How many times are we going to see Brad Womack mumble his way through a season?

“We would absolutely have an unknown again,” he continues.  “We are always casting and we are always scouring the country and the world for new people. If we found someone who we thought was a home run and he was an unknown we would absolutely make him the Bachelor.”

So while we can all continue to speculate as to whether Roberto will be handing out roses, we can at least rest assured that we’ll be seeing some drama on Bachelor Pad 3.

Chris gushes, “The Bachelor Pad premieres on July 23 and it is so good. I love it!”

The host with the most declares, “It is such a guilty pleasure even for me to host, and this season — unlike last year where everyone was coupled up early —  was mayhem. Just get a cheap box of wine and sit back and enjoy.”  A box of wine…it’s like he knows me!

Speaking of the Bachelor Pad, Kalon “Baggage” McMahon is talking about his time on the show.  He tell’s Houston’s, “Seriously, it was like night and day compared to being on the Bachelorette.  There’s no central character or plot line to the Bachelor Pad, so it’s not as manufactured. The show focuses on different people throughout the entire series, rather than on one specific person.”

Also appearing this season is Bachelor Pad alum and princess lawyer Erica Rose.  She recently threw Kaylon under the bus by selling a tabloid story about what a horrible boyfriend and fame seeker ol’ Baggage truly is.  Apparently Houston is only big enough for one overly coiffed, spoiled, wannabe reality television megastar Bacherlor/ette alumnus.  Of course, for Kaylon, that is all water under the bridge.

He says, “I have a unique history with Erica Rose. We’re on OK terms now, but we’re not really friends — especially after she sold that story to Star magazine about an ex-girlfriend of mine who also happens to be friends with her. The whole thing was kind of tacky, but she apologized about it.”

While he had quite the dramatic West Virginia hoodrat exit from The Bachelortte, Kaylon reveals that his stint on Bachelor Pad was much more pleasant.  He admits, “People in the Bachelor Pad house had a specific idea of who I was after seeing The Bachelorette, but after living with them for a day or so they started apologizing and saying things like ‘We feel terrible that we felt that way.’ In the end, we all got along well and I made some great friends.”

Too bad for him, Emily Maynard won’t be tuning in to watch her season’s villain.  She recently tweeted, “The fact Kalon will ever be on any TV [show] again makes me want to stab my eyeballs out with dull pencils.”

She will, of course, be facing off with Kaylon once again on the upcoming Men Tell All special.  I swear these dudes are more dramatic than the girls.  ABC describes the special:

Sparks will fly when the men challenge Ryan, whose arrogance irritated the other bachelors, when he tries to explain his behavior. Many of the guys were threatened by his relationship with Emily, and they definitely didn’t think he was there for “the right reasons.”

And what does Kalon have to say about his devastating comment, calling Emily’s daughter, Ricki, “baggage” and the firestorm it caused? When he takes the hot seat, the men just rip into him, accusing him of being there for the spotlight and the glamour. The war of words boils over as Kalon tries to justify his actions.

Then it’s Emily’s turn to confront the men. She wants to make sure Sean knows that their parting was very tough on her as well, and that their relationship was totally real to her. What does she thank Doug for, and what huge regret does she have about the group date in London? And in one more bombshell, she lets Kalon know in no uncertain terms what she thinks of him.

I’m on pins and needles just thinking about it!