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Blast From The Past: The Best Seasons Of The Bachelor And The Bachelorette

The Bachelor is an iconic franchise. The first season with Alex Michel premiered in 2002, which means we’ve been on this journey to find love for 20 years! I haven’t watched the last few seasons of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette because I’ve aged out of the fanbase. So, today I’m going to take us back to the best seasons of these shows, seasons the new young fans just don’t know about – here’s my top 5 blast from the past seasons of The Bachelor and the The Bachelorette:

1. The Bachelor: Season 13 with Jason Mesnik

Ever heard the phrase “pulling a Mesnik?” Because my sisters and I use it all the time to describe those overwhelming moments that just make you want to sob over a balcony. Season 13 of The Bachelor brought us Jason Mesnik, a hot single dad who wasn’t afraid to cry over a balcony. Jason fell deeply in love with his final two women, Molly Malaney and Melissa Rycroft. He chose Melissa at the end, but when he told Molly of his decision she let him know he was making a mistake. Turns out, Jason agreed! By the reunion episode, in literally the most dramatic reunion ever, Jason dumped Melissa and asked Molly to take him back. ABC even did that show without a live audience because they feared Jason would face too much backlash. Today they milk those events! But back in 2009 this was scandalous. Jason may have made the wrong choice at the finale, but as it turns out, he made the right call with Molly. They’re still married and have children together.

2. The Bachelor: Season 15 with Brad Womack 2.0

Who says you need a happy ending for TV? Brad Womack is my favorite Bachelor of all time. To be superficial, I thought he was the hottest. Also he was completely emotionally unavailable, which turns out is my favorite toxic trait! Brad got to be The Bachelor twice. In 2007, for Season 11, Brad refused to commit to either of his final two women, Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft. So why not give him another chance at love? Bachelor producers brought Brad back for Season 15. He was even hotter than before, but had barely changed his behavior. If he knew what was good for him, he would have chosen Chantal O’Brien, a vivacious beautiful woman who made him feel comfortable and like the man he needed to be. But instead, he chose perfect looking and super sweet single mom, Emily Maynard, even though he knew she wouldn’t move to Texas to be with him. Brad and Emily ended their engagement months after the show aired and poor Emily talked about how poking the bear with Brad. Seems like he didn’t change after all.

3. The Bachelor: Season 14 with Jake Pavelka “On the Wings of Love”

Season 14 of The Bachelor featured Jake Pavelka. It was such a special season, it came with its own tagline – “on the wings of love!” It got its name because Pavelka was supposedly a pilot. I say supposedly because Vienna Girardi, the woman he chose at the end, hilariously outed him for not flying planes regularly during their special break up episode. That’s right, after the reunion, Chris Harrison had to sit down with the couple in a special break up interview that showed Jake’s true colors as a man. Jake repeatedly told Vienna to stop “undermining me” but all she was doing was sharing her feelings and calling him out on his bad behavior. Turns out, Pavelka just wanted a relationship with a blow up doll, or anyone who didn’t speak words.

4. The Bachelorette: Season 7 with Ashley Herbert

Enough of The Bachelor. One of my favorite seasons of The Bachelorette was Season 7, with Ashley Herbert. We first met Ashley on Brad’s 2.0 season of The Bachelor. She was eliminated after the fantasy suits. Ashley was one of few people who had aspirations other than being famous. She was amped up about being in dental school and took her job and education seriously, which was too much for Brad. As The Bachelorette, Ashley was fun, smart, and totally open. She wound up falling in love with JP Rosenbaum. The couple had two kids and stayed married for years. Unfortunately they recently split. Ashley is still a dentist, and JP is still a contractor. I love people who keep their jobs after these shows!

5. The Bachelorette: Season 1 with Trista Sutter

I will always have a soft spot for Trista Sutter. This was the first time a woman was ever given the lead in Bachelor Nation, and Trista led these men honestly and with gumption. What I genuinely love about this season, and Ashley’s, is that the dates were real. Trista wore her glasses (I know shocking), no make up, and regular clothes from her closet when she was The Bachelorette. She had several at home dates with the men on the show where they just sat around eating and taking. There wasn’t a bridge to jump off or a building to scale, just real dates and more time to get to know each other. Maybe that’s why the show fostered some actual connections at one point? Trista is still married to Ryan Sutter, her final rose recipient. They have two kids.


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