MTV made Jenelle Evans a reality TV star. Jenelle Evans made Jenelle an embarrassment to MTV. Considering MTV airs junk like Jersey Shore, this was no small task for Jenelle. Here’s the latest scoop on Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle!

The relationship drama never ends with Jenelle. If you have been following Teen Mom Jenelle’s on-again and off-again engagement to Gary Head, you’re probably dizzy. Also, you know that both Gary and Jenelle were arrested in June, following a fight in which Gary allegedly “beat the sh*t out of Jenelle.” Allison Lester, Jenelle’s roommate, is now claiming Gary and Jenelle’s entire relationship was plagued by violence and drug use. I’m shocked.

“When Gary is in one of his jealous rages, he gets scary insane,” says Allison. “The abuse Jenelle suffered at the hands of Gary is far worse than anyone could have imagined.”  Sadly, much of this also took place in front of Jace, Jenelle’s two-year-old son. I hope Janelle started a therapy fund for Jace before she went broke.


Allison goes on to say that Gary has strangled Jenelle and squeezed her face so hard her ears would bleed. She adds, “Another time, Gary put a loaded gun to her head and threatened, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ if she didn’t allow him to look through her phone.” Allison claims she had to call the police several times during these violent rages.

Allison alleges Gary turns violent because he abuses the prescription drug Percocet. She even gave RadarOnline a photo of Gary in Jenelle’s home that suggests he’s snorting drugs off a table.  Gary denies all claims of violence and drug use. “I’ve been in the Marines for three years and get drug tested regularly, so I don’t know how [snorting Percocet] would even be possible,” he says.

No worries, Jenelle fans. Rumor has it, she has moved on from her abusive relationship with Gary Head.

What’s that saying?

Out with the new abuser, in with the old abuser? Something like that.

Rumor has it that Jenelle is back together with Kieffer Delp, the lovely gentleman who admits to leaking nude photos of Jenelle just a few short months ago. Jenelle tweeted,”Using kieffer as a lean while watching tv” with a picture of Jace and Kieffer lounging in bed together on July 15.

Maybe the 37th time is the charm? More likely, things will soon sour between Jenelle and Kieffer. Let the twitter wars begin!