Big Brother 14 is not disappointing!  This week, this twist, this show – I love it all!!

On Big Brother’s first live eviction show, Kara was evicted from the Big Brother house by a vote of 5 to 3 and Frank won the HoH competition. This all happened after one of the most exciting Big Brother starts ever.  As the first HoH, Willie Hantz played too hard too fast. He also declared his love for fruit loops. But, really, what grown-ass man doesn’t love fruit loops? Willie‘s paranoia led to a newbies only meeting, which led to Frank and Janelle feeling uneasy about Willie.

How does Willie react to Frank‘s HoH win? Also, Coaches Competition, Have Nots, and Nominations.


Ask five people what happens in the Big Brother house and you will get five different answers. There are two versions of Big Brother – Big Brother live feeds and CBS‘s highly edited (read, crap fest) Big Brother. Also, there are the many different ways fans will interpret what’s happening, mixing the two versions of Big Brother and the various online reports, and it’s enough to make me want to kick myself in the face. Ian, you up for some lessons? This here is my best understanding of what led to Willie Hantz‘s expulsion from the Big Brother house.

Last week, Willie told Frank he was safe. Then he nominated him. Willie told Frank he was “working hard” to keep him in the house, then he and his team made a plan to split the votes to keep their alliance secret.

Joe, who is the male version of BB13 Shelly, told Frank that Willie lied about having the votes to keep him safe.

That’s when Frank turned on Willie.  Frank told Joe about Willie making fun of Wil. Frank gave Joe the impression that Willie was acting like a bigot and then unleashed Joe on the house. Yes, Willie’s completely crazy and let his paranoia get the best of him last week, but I don’t think he meant anything even remotely bigoted. Frank purposely set out to damage Willie’s character and used Joe to do it. When Willie confronted Frank in the backyard, I wanted to smack that smug look off Frank’s face. I hate these people! And I love this show!! Obviously, I need help.

Wil – oh, Wil – he’s fun on TV.  On the live feeds, he’s nauseating.  He’s one of those types who is always a victim to his circumstances and cries when people are mean. Meanwhile, he’s making fun of everyone else. JoJo took a sip from his beer on the first night, and he’s still bashing her and whining about it. Beyond the game, he comes across as a mean and hateful person.

All that said, Wil never talked to Willie and Willie never talked to Wil. This is how adults in the Big Brother house handle conflict.

Janelle turned on Willie after the newbies only meeting. Janelle’s fierce, and she has a tight leash around her player’s necks. You do not want to piss off Janelle. Janelle used the information that Willie was making fun of Wil to team up with Frank and Boogie and turn on Willie and Britney.

Janelle was working with Team Britney – Shane, Willie, and JoJo – but now she’s working with Team Boogie – Frank, Ian, and Jenn.  This comes after she spent last week bashing Boogie to anyone who would listen.

Power Shift

Frank is now HoH.

Janelle wins the coaches competition. Britney choked, Dan threw it, and Boogie’s self-love got the best of him.

As the winner, Janelle could keep one of her team safe or trade someone from her team for any another player except Frank, as he’s HoH. Janelle’s team is Wil, Ashley, and Joe.  She chose to keep Ashley safe for the week.

Last week, the vote came down to Ashley. As I said, Janelle, Joe, and Wil leeched onto Frank and switched sides on Willie and Britney. Ashley was stuck in the middle for awhile, but she ultimately voted with her team, turning her back on Willie. Janelle rewards her for a job well done by giving her immunity.

Janelle also has to name the Have Nots for the week.

For anyone reading along who is new to Big Brother, the Have Nots have to sleep on metal slabs, cannot use hot water, and can only eat Big Brother slop all week.  Slop looks like bland oatmeal. (I miss the days of peanut butter and jelly.)  Starting in season 11, America’s Choice vote allows the viewers to vote on additional foods the Have Nots can enjoy each week. This week, the have nots get pork rinds and pudding. I don’t know about you, but I could rock pudding for a week!

This week’s Have Nots are Team Britney – WillieShane, and JoJo.  And Ian, because he volunteered.

Frank‘s nomination plan was Shane and Willie, with Willie being the obvious target.

Willie went from being on top to the lowest of the low in the Big Brother house, moving his stuff from the HoH suite into the Have Not room.  He’s slamming doors while he’s moving his stuff.

Team Janelle and Team Boogie are celebrating in the HoH room.  Willie goes in and says to them, “I know I messed up last week, but you didn’t have to do that [have nots] to the others.”  Janelle tells him it was because they stuck with him.

Willie vows to be gone before the end of next week. He knows they’re coming after him and the eviction is Thursday, so this makes sense. Joe does what Joe does. Considering Willie spent much of last week saying he was going to punch people out, Joe doesn’t have to work too hard to lead everyone in the room to believe it’s a threat. Willie wasn’t even worked up when he was in there, but they eat it up and think Willie’s threatening them.

Joe says to his group, “I’m not worried.  Frank and I can both kick his ass.”

In the kitchen, Willie says to JoJo, Britney, and Dan, “I’m going to knock someone out.”  Classic Willie, making me look bad for defending him just now.  Hahaha.

Willie Is Out

This is when the feeds get cut. Big Brother fish and trivia for hours!

My guess is Team Janelle and Team Boogie moved their party downstairs to confront and/or instigate Willie.

Willie continues to slam doors.  He might have head butted a few walls too. Apparently, Willie tried to go into the Diary room, probably to calm down, but Big Brother locked the door.

He calls Boogie, Janelle, and their teams a bunch of assholes (or maybe another equally vulgar insult – not sure).

Joe taunts Willie.  Willie chest bumps and head butts Joe.

THEN, keeping it classy in the Big Brother house, Willie calls Janelle a “c**t” and throws pork rinds at her.

PORK RINDS! Seriously, I nearly die laughing. Thank you, America, for voting for pork rinds.

Big Brother steps in. Joe to the bathroom, Willie to the diary room. Reportedly, Ian, Dan, and Danielle were the only houseguests to hug Willie as he left. No Britney?

In her best “Bye bye, Bitches” voice, Janelle says, “Bye bye, Willie.”

Executive Producer Allison Grodner tells the house that Willie will not be returning. When I grow up, I want to be Allison Grodner.

Other Big Brother Failures

My memory tells me only 3 people have ever been removed from the Big Brother house before now.  Other people have left for “personal reasons,” but I think these are the only three who have been removed.  Big Brother fans, were there anymore?

Season 2, Justin.  He was creepy.  He and Krista were hitting if off.  While kissing her, he held a knife to her throat and asked her something crazy like “would you get mad if I cut you right now?”  Big Brother removed him from the house.  Ironically, Krista went on to showmance season 14’s own Mike Boogie. Boogie even proposed to her on finale night. They never got married.

Season 4, Scott. He angrily threw furniture.

Season 11, Chima. Michelle won HoH, nominated Chima, and Chima went crazy. She refused to listen to Big Brother, by not going to the Diary Room when asked and not wearing her microphone.  The last time the voice asked her to wear her mic, she threw it into the hot tub. She was removed from the house for destroying Big Brother’s property and threatening to act out on the live show. Big Brother considered Michelle’s reign as HoH done.  I’m guessing Frank’s HoH will continue only because the nomination ceremony hadn’t happened before Willie was removed.

Which brings me to Frank’s nominations!


Frank is NOT happy about this turn of events. Before Willie assaulted Janelle with pork rinds and Joe with his forehead, Frank’s nominations were going to be Willie and Shane.  Willie was “easy kill.”  No blood on Frank’s hands.  Now, Frank is having a cow because he has to nominate two people who will get mad at him.  Cry me a freaking river. That’s the game, Frank!

Frank nominates Shane and JoJo.

Next up, the Power of Veto competition and ceremony.  I’ll bring you those spoilers later.

Now What?

Where does this leave Dan and Britney? After this week’s elimination, they’re both down to one player in the game.

Britney is being her same negative, snarky, insufferable self. I really do like Britney, but she sucks at this game! There’s nothing more to see here.

Janelle approaches Dan, offering a deal that’s not a deal but could benefit them both. Shortly after, Dan is talking to himself in the backyard.

He wants to put an end to the rumor that coaches are entering the game. He doesn’t trust Frank and Wil.

He is afraid of an unstable Britney. Dan sends some love to his wife. Mike Boogie cannot be trusted. Ian is getting too full of himself – and completely blinded by Ashley.  Ashley will be Ian’s downfall. Joe is so obviously leading the newbies.

He could team up with Janelle – she’s loyal and plays to win.

Dan says, he’s slower, older, and has less hair, but he still loves the game.

It’s hard to play a game where everyone knows his game. It’s the same house, the same backyard, the same pool, but he has no friends.Who can be his Memphis? Can the “beach blonde” be his Memphis? Someone else?

Interesting stuff!  It should be another exciting week in the Big Brother house. I don’t know who Janelle will end up with, but I do hope it’s not Mike Boogie.  If for no other reason, when Boogie and Janelle are together, I don’t know whose nose to look at first.


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