Last night on Project Runway the designers hit up Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYC to blow their wads on sugary-sweets. And sadly it wasn’t an all you can eat buffet following the shopping trip – nope, it was the unconventional materials challenge! Our designer friends were tasked with making an entire outfit made from candy in about six minutes!

Fire up your glue guns, put your sugar rush to use, and start… uhhh…weaving Twizzlers! The guest judge was Dylan Lauren, owner of Dylan’s Candy Bar and daughter of legendary polo shirt hawker designer Ralph Lauren. Why wasn’t he the guest judge? Oh, Michael Kors probably hates him or something.

Dylan’s critique went like this: ‘I like candy. This had candy on it. Where’s the candy? Oh, candy!’ Please get useful guest judges.

Since nobody cares about anything but the clothes, Reality Tea is providing you a snap-judgement photocap. C’mon you know that’s how you watch the show, too!

OK, let’s trash discuss some looks!

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Fabio: Lady Smurf’s prom dress. Holy monochromatic, much? The bodice was interesting, but the skirt was a flop.

Buffi: Right, so the Betsey Johnson schtick can only take you so far. I thought the bodice was interesting and the skirt – well it was’t too bad but her offensive accessorizing and ridiculous Disney Princess color scheme was immature. Buffi needs to grow up her aesthetic or start designing for Limited Too!

Raul: The color scheme reminded me of Little Mermaid. I just kept hearing “A Whole New World” while this was walking down the runway. It was pretty amazing that it looked like it was made of actual fabric, however the varying hem lengths were distracting and competing. Raul over-designs.

Andrea: Definitely NOT number 1. I agree with Tim Gunn. She did a whole lotta carrying on for some dots sewed together and a giant bunny tail explosion in the back.

Nathan: I thought they said no costumes? Oh, well this is what Judy Jetson wore on Halloween when she dressed up like a space hooker.

Audios Lantie: Poor Lantie, once again she drowned in her own over-thinking and as a result was sent home. And yeah, the result was a hot stinking mess of umbrellas and hacked apart rain boots. I think Rainbow Bright wants her dress back, but not the boots – Lantie can keep them!

Dmitry: How the heck was this made of candy? How the heck was this not in the top three? How obvious is it that this guy started out designing dance costumes. Love it!

Alicia: Remember Gilligan’s Island? This is what Mary Anne wore when she got dressed up. It’s totally a costume. The stripey details on the bottom of the shorts were a great effect, though.

Gunnar: This was totally 80’s and totally fabulous. I’m not going to knock it – he did a fantastic job and this definitely doesn’t look like it was made from candy. Go big or go home, kid!

Melissa: Bratz Doll. Goth Hersey Kiss. Ugh, Mary Kate Olsen would never wear this!  This was a mess and it looked like a design school project. The technique with the licorice started out cool, but she spent so much time on that and everything else suffered. Melissa tries too hard.

Kooan: We have veered sharply into crazy town. It reminds me of the seventies latch hook crafts. Not cute. Hot mess. NEXT!

Elena: I agree with everything the judges say (for once!) Stay-Puff Marshmallow girl. What was she thinking with that color? It’s horrendous and unflattering. She’s lucky Lantie was 0 for 2 and she has a target on her back now.

Christopher: Cute, but conventional. Just like him. His aesthetic is copying the aesthetic of already established designers. It seems like the judges are drinking his kool-aid though. They see dollar signs, commercial appeal, and perfect for the Lord & Taylor crowd!

Sonjia: The trick with the sharks was genius, but I didn’t get the apron flaps in the front in the back. I think it was one detail too many.

Congratulations Ven: This was amazing. There is no way I would have thought this was candy. It was elegant, sophisticated, and interesting. Props to Ven for winning the challenge and making such a gorgeous dress.