On last night’s Mob Wives Chicago, Leah organized the ladies to participate in a breast cancer walk in honor of her mother, and Renee’s daughter Giana went to visit her father in the clink…much to the chagrin of her disapproving mother.

Leah Disimone and Christina Scoleri go bead shopping…because that’s a thing.  I must backtrack in my snarkiness.  Leah wants to a breast cancer walk to honor her mother who was just diagnosed.  She wants to make t-shirts for her team, and Christina has volunteered to have a get together where the women can decorate said shirts.  Leah reveals that she is going to invite both Pia Rizza and Renee Fecarotta Russo to walk with her.  Christina bristles as she has issues with both, but she is happy to hear that Leah is also going to include Nora Schweihs.  She’s glad that Leah finally realizes that Nora isn’t as bad as all the other ladies want her to appear.


Renee’s daughter Giana is washing her dog.  She tells her pal the dog washer that she doesn’t want her mom to accompany her on her trip to visit her dad in prison.  Giana really just wants to see her father without the added drama of her mom causing issues.  She explains that Renee always accused Giana’s dad of abandoning her, while her father was adamant that Renee purposefully kept him from Giana.  Giana just wants to learn the truth without her mom there to cause drama.  Good call.  Giana thinks her mom has been poisoning her against her father.

Renee is fixing breakfast for Giana and her friend.  Giana is worried that her mom is jealous of her relationship with her father.  Giana thinks that her relationship with her dad is stronger the her situation with her mom.  Renee is crying saying that she’s concerned that her dad will try to con her.  Giana isn’t buying any of her mother’s drama.  Renee doesn’t want her ex filling her daughter’s head with lies and turning Giana against her.  She gives the dog washer a letter she’s written to Giana that she hopes he’ll give her before the visit.

Nora meets with her attorney to find out what she needs to do to exhume her father’s body.  It seems to be the first meeting between the two, as her twelve-year-old attorney is extremely confused when hearing Nora’s story.  Her attorney hopes to appease her by telling her that he thinks they have other options.  Nora wants to be there when the body is exhumed, so she can say for sure that he’s been buried.  She then wants to take his remains back to Florida where he wanted to be cremated and laid to rest in the ocean.  I have to hand it to Nora…I couldn’t watch my mother be exhumed.  It is very hard to deal with the death of a loved one, and while she may seem one sandwich short of a picnic, she’s truly vigilant at making sure her father’s wishes are adhered.

Leah is lunching with her mom, and her earrings are on loan from the decades ago Gong Show.  Wow.  I’m totally showing my age.  They are waiting for Pia who has gone through a similar situation.  Leah’s mom is adorable, and she hates her daughter’s potty mouth.  Leah admits to Pia that she feels very guilty for butting heads with her mom before her diagnosis.  Such is the relationship between mothers and daughters.  Leah wants to orchestrate a meeting between her mom and Pia’s mom who also battled breast cancer.  After a bit of conversation, Leah’s mom and Pia realize that Pia’s mother and Leah’s mother have many mutual friends from the olden days.

Leah calls Nora about the breast cancer walk.  Leah tells Nora about the t-shirt decorating party, and Nora isn’t on board given the guest list.  However, Nora is happy to support Leah’s mother in the walk.  I have to say, Leah continues to be my dark horse favorite on this show.  She’s without a doubt the toughest of these women, but she’s also the most real.  Leah wants everyone to get along…she’s the most drama free without a doubt.  Team Leah!

Pia and her daughter Bella go for yogurt.  Pia isn’t schooled in getting yogurt.  She wants to know if her daughter will be opposed to her leaving the pole.  I’m guessing no.  Bella tells her mom that for her sweet sixteen she’d like to take a vacation somewhere that requires a passport. Pia is concerned that when she quits dancing she won’t be able to provide the life to which Bella has grown accustomed.

Giana is going to visit her father.  She relays that she isn’t proud of her father’s situation, nor is she proud of the life sentence he’s serving for a brutal murder.  Giana understands that her dad isn’t a good person, but she believes he’s been a good dad, as well as he could be.  She thinks that her mom has been lying to her forever about her dad’s intentions.  I tend to agree.

Leah and Christina grab ice cream to discuss their weekends.  Christina rehashes her party and Nora’s beat down.  She won’t take sides among Pia, Nora, and Renee.  Christina reveals that during her party Renee stole her phone and texted Nora pretending to be her.  Christina thinks that Pia aided Renee in her phone stealing to bring down Nora.  Given that Pia and Renee are pretty much mortal enemies, I’m not sure that I think that’s the case.

Giana and dog washer are preparing to see Giana’s dad.  Dog washer gives Giana the letter from Renee.  She’s floored and perturbed.  Giana is tearful as she reads the letter aloud.  It’s a very sweet letter, but honestly I think it’s Renee being manipulative from afar.

Christina is concerned to be hosting Leah’s t-shirt decorating party with all the women feuding.  Renee and Pia arrive together, and Leah breaks down noting that her mom is losing her hair.  I so feel for her.  Leah says that if cancer was the loudmouth down the street, she’d beat it up…if only.  Renee takes the moment to sympathize…she knows what Leah is dealing with concerning her mother’s diagnosis.  After all, Renee’s daughter just went to visit her father in jail and didn’t want to take Renee.  Oh yes, totally comparable.  Pia understands Renee’s stance.  Leah admits that she’s invited Nora to do the walk as she doesn’t want to exclude anyone.  Pia and Renee stop in their tracks.  Oh no she didn’t just invite their nemesis to walk in support of her mom!  I want to head butt both of these women.  Leah is in a hard place with her mother’s illness…suck it up and be adults to support both her and her mom.

Christina can’t listen much longer.  Pia just wants people to know she’s not a whore just because she’s a stripper. If I were Leah, I would be knocking heads right now…it’s not about who hates who, it’s about supporting her mom’s battle with cancer.  Of course, these ladies are too closed minded.  Renee hates that Nora talked smack about her, but she thinks its hilarious that she texted Nora from Christina’s phone.  Renee bows up, per the usual, and Leah is wondering why she invited these women to walk in celebration of her mother.  Pia at least has the sense to remain silent while the argument ensues.

Nora is trying to market her wine, The German, and she goes to see a friend who knows how to bottle things. She later meets with a funeral director who she thinks will helpful in exhuming her father’s body.  The new funeral director warns her that her father will not be viewable.  He explains that all of Nora’s relatives must sign off on her digging up her dad’s body.  Nora is a tad concerned that her siblings won’t be on board, considering she hasn’t spoken with them since the first time her dad was buried.

Renee receives the final decision from the judge about who will get full custody of her youngest daughter.  She’s thrilled to learn that she will get full custody of Isabella.  Renee can now worry about Giana’s father filling her head with lies.  Meanwhile, Giana is well on her way to talk to her father.  Dog washer is amazed at Giana’s strength when pulling up to the prison.  She has a very emotional visit with her father, and he revives a lot of discord in Giana about his issues with Renee.  As much as she hates to admit it, Giana believes her father is more honest with her than Renee.

Next week, Renee and Pia go up against Leah regarding Nora.  Renee is upset to find out that Giana had a good visit with her dad.


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