Eliminating smelly Frank from the Big Brother house is proving to be impossible!

Week 1: Frank stays and Kara goes. Because Kara was too much of a threat – of taking off her clothes? Honestly, I don’t get the reasoning. Week 2: Frank is Head of Household. Frank’s biggest threat, Willie Hantz, is expelled and JoJo is evicted. Two evictions for the price of one HoH. Week 3: Shane makes a bold move and nominates Frank at Veto. Generally, this guarantees the target is a goner.

Shocker: Big Brother declares a reset. Not only is Frank not going home, neither is the suitable consolation prize, dirty and loud-mouth Joe. And, we’re not done yet, folks! Boogie, Frank’s ally, is now eligible to compete – whether the sour puss likes it or not.

Danielle wins HoH. Froogie spend days whining and complaining about how unfair Big Brother is. Danielle nominates Frank and WilMike Boogie MalinJanelle PierzinaDan Gheesling, and Britney Haynes are in the HoH room together. Boogie says “I don’t trust you” to JanelleDan is convinced Janelle is a bigger threat than Froogie, and the Silent Six is born. At the Power of Veto ceremony, Danielle blindsides Janelle, nominating her for eviction. Poor Jani didn’t even put on makeup for the event. Horrors!

Who wins this round – Boogie or Janelle? Who is the new HoH?


The Silent Six

Boogie actually got Danielle on board with his plan before Dan. Dan wanted to keep the coaches in the game as long as possible. Danielle originally wanted to nominate Frank and BoogieDan got her to nominate Frank and Wil instead. Danielle was all about Boogie‘s plan. Dan held back. The impromptu meeting in the HoH room is what changed Dan‘s mind.

Dan sees it like this: Boogie refuses to throw Frank under the bus. He doesn’t hide it, he doesn’t apologize for it, and this level of loyalty is impressive. Janelle, however, changes her tune every week. She cozies up to whomever is in power, tells them what they want to hear, and stays true to no one.

The Silent Six – Dan, Danielle, Boogie, Frank, Britney, and Shane – forms and Janelle is caught off guard when she’s suddenly nominated.

Big Brother fans are serious about past players and alliances. Boogie: does he make you giggle or vomit a little in your mouth? Janelle: does your heart sing or your eyes roll? Dan: is he a mastermind or sneaky snake? Britney: is she snarky fun or a waste of space?

Boogie and Dan teaming up and targeting Janelle is sure to divide the fans. Britney is kind of dead weight at this point. If she thinks she’s calling any shots, she’s delusional.

Janelle Feels Safe

Following the Veto Ceremony, Wil – is abosolutely – annoying.

Moving right along, Britney‘s mouth is wide open, seemingly in shock. Where’s the Big Brother bird poop when you need it? Britney, still wearing her shocked look, goes to Janelle and says, “There’s something going on!” Janelle wonders, “Why does Danielle think I’m coming after her?” With a concerned look in her wonky eye, Britney says, “I don’t know Janelle.”

Boogie says to the camera, “I’d like to take a bow, please.” He adds, “Danielle think she’s the HoH this week, but I basically just took over her HoH and got everybody to do what I wanted.” The Mike Boogie show is back, the summer is saved, production is relieved.

Janelle finds Danielle in the HoH room, looking for answers. Danielle tells Janelle that people are telling her she’s coming after her. Janelle thinks someone is lying to “poor sweet Danielle.” Janelle immediately places the blame on Dan. Danielle suggest Dan isn’t behind Janelle’s nomination. Janelle says, “I’m shocked. I can’t believe you did this. I was not coming after you at all. If it was Frank and Boogie who said this, they have a motive to say things like that.” Danielle tries her best to keep from placing the blame on any one person, hiding her alliances.

Dan talks to Janelle. He pretends he is surprised by what happened. He suggests a girl instinct being responsible for Danielle’s decision. Dan says, “I can’t rationalize with these girl feelings.” Janelle asks for Dan’s vote. He simply says, “If I do roll with you, she [Danielle] is going to be pissed.” Janelle’s counting her possible votes – and she includes Britney and Dan. Dan says, “The coaches are screwed if you go home.” Janelle asks, “Do you think there’s any other reason she put me up?”  Just then, Boogie comes into the storage room. He takes his time getting his food. Meanwhile, Janelle’s still concerned she didn’t put on any makeup.  Oh, Janelle.

Janelle makes a sad attempt at securing votes. Joe and Wil say “yes, of course!” Jenn says she’s “thinking a lot about it.” Ashley‘s too medicated to respond. Somehow, these responses lead Janelle to believe she’s safe. Janelle asks to talk to Britney one more time.

Janelle, “You’re for sure still voting to keep me, right?”

Britney, “Yes, for sure.”

Janelle, “I have your vote for sure. Ashley’s. Joe’s. And Wil swore up and down he’s willing to keep me.”

Britney, looking distraught, “I feel nervous.”

Janelle, “You think something is up?”

Britney, “No, but you’re up on the block, and there is that possibility. You know?”

Janelle, “Am I not seeing something or are you paranoid?” Britney just kinds of rolls over and plays dead. Janelle, completely unfazed by Britney’s body language, is thinking someone got inside Danielle‘s head.

Janelle, “Do you think I’m staying?”

Britney, “I think so, yeah.” Janelle says the coaches need to stick together. Keeping Frank over her would be a terrible mistake. Janelle is getting to Britney. Britney is cracking under the pressure. The lying is getting to her and she’s questioning voting out an ally.

Britney cries to Dan, Shane, and Danielle. Britney feels like a “bad, bad person.” Dan asks, “Why do you feel like a bad person?” Britney whines, “Because I’m lying.” Dan smirks and calls Britney “sweet.” Britney asks, “Why are we voting out Janelle again?” Shane’s eating Twizzlers. Yum. He says, “She says s**t about everyone.”  Danielle, looking rough and eating Cheez Its in bed, says, “When she doesn’t need you, she avoids you and treats you like crap.” Britney cries, she’s working too hard to lie, cheat, scheme. Then, she says, I don’t have it in me to be this mean person. That’s funny coming from such a mean girl.

Big Bang Theory

Big Brother is trying to sell Ian and Ashley as a couple. The nerdy guy with the hot girl – aren’t they just like a real life Big Bang Theory‘s Leonard and Penny? Yeah, not so much. I refuse to even waste time on this ridiculous notion. I wish Big Brother would spend less time on interviewing the family we don’t care about and forcing love connections that don’t exist – and more time on what’s really happening in the house.

Big Brother’s Wil Heuser Spoofs Real Housewives Of New Jersey, New York And Atlanta In Videos

Live Eviction

Julie Chen says to Frank, “Looking good in your spiritard.” Julie requests a cheer. Frank shouts the lamest cheer I’ve ever heard.

Julie to Boogie, “Last week, you didn’t seem too happy that the game had been reset. How are you feeling now? (Not too happy? Try threw a temper tantrum.)

Boogie, “I’m feeling a little better. The coaches came here under a certain understanding, and then it was completely flipped and the odds off leaving here with a big check weren’t as good. But, I did a little work this week and I think I’m feeling a little better about it.” (This should have clued in a clueless Janelle.)

Jenn says the reset was great for her game. I nearly choke. What game is she playing?

Look back at Ian‘s time being a dog, he says it was “absolutely amazing.” Big Brother wouldn’t be the full experience without a penalty costume. Isn’t he awkward cute?

Frank‘s final plea,  “It’s day 34. Congrats on making it this far. Out of these 34 days, I spent about 20 on the block. I’ve played this game like a gentlemen. My nana always told me, ‘Frankie, keep it classy.’ Even though my name has been dragged through the mud, repeatedly, I think I’ve managed to do just that. My piece of advice for you all before you vote, keep it classy.”

Janelle, “This has been such an amazing summer. I love all of you. If I can help your game in any way, please vote to keep me in the house. If you can’t vote to keep me, no hard feelings. I totally understand.”

Votes to evict:

Boggie – Janelle, dedicated to Will and Erin

Jenn – Janelle

Joe – Frank

Wil – Janelle

Ashley – Janelle

Britney – Janelle, ironically evicting her personal favorite Big Brother player

Shane – Janelle

Dan – Janelle, saying, “Sorry, America, I tried to keep her.”

Ian – Janelle

By a vote of 8 to 1, Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Janelle’s Send Off

Julie says Janelle kept it classy. Janelle is generally surprised by her eviction, saying they obviously took her out because she’s a strong player. Julie asks Janelle why she wanted Frank out of the house so badly. She says, “I can tell by talking to him how strong of a player he is. I was scared of him.” Julie asks Janelle why she hesitated to tell Boogie whether or not she’d be willing to lose Joe and Wil in favor of working with the other coaches. She says, “I didn’t want to throw Wil and Frank under the bus and have that information be in the house. I didn’t want that information floating, because they could use that against me.” Julie asks if it’s her own reputation she’s protecting – Janelle cuts in with a “yes” – or the two people she was working with. Janelle says, “I was trying to protect them.” Clear as mud. Personally, I think she was only worried about herself.

Janelle thinks the  target on Boogie this season is too big for him to win. She says, “Is he good at this game? Absolutely. But I don’t think he’ll win.” Janelle’s rooting for Dan.

Dan‘s goodbye message,  “It wasn’t supposed to work out like this. After you wouldn’t sacrifice Joe, an alliance of six was formed for the sole reason to back door you. There was nothing I could at that time.” He wishes her and her family the best.

Britney – “I’m actually really really sad you’re leaving. I’m sorry I had to be part of this whole plan to evict you this week. I think you’re a really great person.”


Boogie, “Oh, Jani. Don’t mad at the people who voted you out. This one was all me. For the third time, always the bridesmaid but never the Big Brother bride.

Janelle‘s response to Boogie‘s message, “He’s such a loser.” “What a douche bag.” And finally, “Screw you, Mike Boogie. I hope you lose.”

Head of Household

Big Brother Battle of the Bands – round robin style, short song describing a competition from this season, three answer choices – HoH, Coach, Veto.

Jenn and Wil face off first. Wil wins and names Joe and Boogie.

Joe and Boogie – Boogie. Way to avenge, Joe.

Wil and Ashley – Ashley

Ashley looks like she’s sleep walking.

Shane and Britney – Britney

Ashley and Ian – Ian

Dan and Britney – Britney

Frank and Boogie – Frank. Boogie throws it to Frank, hitting the button before the music plays. He’s wrong. Too bad – I would have laughed if he picked the right answer.

Britney and Ian – Britney

Britney and Frank – Frank!

Once again, Frank avoids eviction. And now he’s Head of Household.

Will The Silent Six survive the week or will Froogie go after Dan or Britney? More likely and less exciting, Joe is nominated and evicted.  My ear drums will be forever grateful, but I can’t help but to yawn just thinking about it.


Photo credit: CBS

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