Last night’s Mob Wives Chicago was a whole mess of drama, but thankfully no one got slapped.  That’s a plus, right?

The ladies are doing a breast cancer walk in honor of Leah Disimone‘s mom.  Renee Fecarotta Russo and Pia Rizza are first to meet Leah.  Nora Schweihs and Christina Scoleri are on their way, and Leah hopes that there won’t be any drama.  Nora is willing to put her differences aside to support Leah’s mom.  Renee isn’t sure she’ll be able to do the same, but she and Pia say that they’ll walk with the group.  Nora thinks it’s weird that Renee and Pia are walking arm in arm, and the two ladies separate from the group to get away from Nora’s voice.  It’s really sad that they can’t see that the walk should be about Leah’s mom and not their petty fights.


Pia and Renee head to the spa to get some Botox.  The women are bonding over injections and the fact they like to beat up people.  Renee wasn’t a fan of the walk…it ruined her day.  I mean, she’s never even met Leah’s mom, so Leah should be happy she was even in attendance.  Renee encourages Pia to vent her issues with Nora to Nora.  That should be fun.

Leah, Nora, and Christina meet up for lunch.  The women discuss the walk, and they can’t believe how close Pia and Renee have gotten even though they used to hate each other.  Christina and Leah question Nora about rekindling her friendship with Pia.  Christina wants to get the women together in hopes they can reconcile.  She suggests a group vacation.  I sure hope she’s kidding!

Pia and her life coach head to Pia’s professional lingerie photo shoot.  Renee arrives and spews compliments, making Pia feel more comfortable.  Pia thinks that modeling will really turn her life around.  I will refrain from saying anything else about said photo shoot.  Meanwhile, Leah and Christina go shopping, and Christina is gaining inspiration for her budding fashion career.

Dave comes to Renee’s apartment to discuss the status of their relationship.  Renee doesn’t think that Dave has been supportive throughout her custody battle.  Dave understands her frustrations and apologizes, but he also isn’t a fan of the drama.  He promises to change, and he wants to work on their relationship.  Dave offers her a trip to Boston and asks her to consider going with him.

Pia and her daughter are getting manicures.  Bella’s sweet sixteen is coming up, and she wants car.  That’s not going to happen.  Bella is embarrassed when she hears that her mother has been modeling lingerie.  Across town, Christina is meeting with a fashion designer, and she hopes that maybe she could intern.  An impromptu interview occurs, and it’s terribly uncomfortable.  Who is Alex McQueen?  Is Christina expected to who she is?  Wow.  Awkward.  I can’t believe she actually gets the apprenticeship.

Pia and Leah meet for lunch, and Leah immediately starts in on how phony Pia sounds when she talks to Renee.  Leah goes off about Pia and Renee not walking with the group, and Pia accuses Leah of being scared of Renee.  Oh gracious!  That was the wrong thing to say.  Swearing ensues until Leah needs to go pee.

Renee helps Pia pick out a custom pocketbook for Bella’s birthday (sidebar, what a cool shop!), and Pia fills in Renee about her conversation–and I use that term loosely–with Leah.  Renee shares her conversation with Dave and his promise of a weekend getaway.  She’s still not sure how she feels about attempting to mend their relationship.

Nora and Christina meet for coffee, and Christina reveals that she’ll be interning two days a week with the designer.  Nora is excited for her friend, and she tells Christina that she’ll be exhuming her father’s body soon.  Nora admits that she’s willing to give Pia one more chance at friendship, but that’s it.

Pia’s life coach arrives at her apartment to unveil her photographs.  Pia’s hoping that her daughter will approve of the pictures.  Score!  Bella thinks the photos are tasteful and artsy.  Her “life coach” is ready to submit her portfolio for couture shoots. Is she a life coach or an agent?

Renee decides to give Dave another chance.  She’s packing up to head to Boston, but she admits that she doesn’t feel the same about him as she did when they first got together.

Pia and Leah meet again to rehash their prior fight.  The women tensely decide to put the argument behind them.  Of course, Pia then goes off on Nora, and Leah hopes that they can resolve their issues without getting physical.  We shall see, we shall see…

Pia arrives to meet Nora in hopes of talking about their issues.  The women are talking over one another, and it seems to be all about Renee.  Nora says she has never said anything bad about Pia.  Um?  Thankfully, VH1 cleared out the section of the restaurant where the women were talking.  Nora denies any wrongdoing, and when Pia gets heated, Nora runs.  Both of them claim to be done with the other.  Good riddance!

Next week, the women (sans Nora) go on a booze cruise, and Nora finally exhumes her father’s body…and gets arrested.