The Bachelorette’s Emily Maynard and Jef Holm Still Deny Cheating Rumors; Erica Rose Dishes on BP Cast Mates!

So wait…you’re telling me that finding a spouse on a reality show doesn’t always work?  Color me shocked!  I do have to admit I had high hopes for the Bachelorette’s Emily Maynard and Jef Holm.  Even though getting engaged after living in a jet-setting fantasy world for six weeks may not form the strongest relationship, I feel that One F has such a good head on his broad shoulders that perhaps these two crazy kids could work.

In spite of cheating rumors that were confirmed by Jef’s brother, the pair still claims to be going strong.  The couple has been out and about in Charlotte kissing and holding hands for every photog in town.  However, could it be a case of protesting too much?


A source close to both Emily and Jef tells Wet Paint that the pair have already almost split.  The insider claims, “Jef has been complaining that they have nothing in common.   He even says they’ve already come close to breaking up once since the finale.”  I do have to say I am not totally surprised to hear they don’t have all that much in common…

As for Emily, the same source reveals, “She’s sounded frustrated. She says Jef doesn’t like to do anything. She says she thinks he’s boring. It’s funny, because he says the same thing about her. He’s been telling people, ‘I know she has a kid and everything, but she never wants to go out.’”

Emily also apparently thinks Jef needs to be more appreciative and remember who put him in the spotlight.  The insider says, “I heard her say, ‘I made him famous.’”

So what’s up with all the photo ops and stolen kisses around the Queen City?  The source explains, “Right now, I think they’re in denial mode because they’re embarrassed, but I don’t know if they’ll be able to recover from this.”

Of course, Jef and Emily are still singing another, much happier, song.  In an interview with People, Jef admits he was shocked, but not surprised, but his brother’s allegations.  He says, “My family all says they are shocked, and obviously I’m shocked, but if everybody knew the history he had with our family, no one would be surprised.”

Reiterating the the cheating rumors are totally false, Jef tells the site, “I like to give [my brother] Mike the benefit of the doubt and think he’s changed, but obviously he hasn’t. He has a history of doing hurtful things to the family. He’s been cut off from a lot of family things because he’s so dishonest.”

Jef continues, “I called every single member of my family and asked them if they’d done anything, and he promised me he hadn’t.”

Even in the midst of the brotherly betrayal, Jef adds, “It’s so disturbing to think that a family member would do this. Even so, as hurt as I am, I love him and I love my family.”

Moving on to the STD laden crazy cousin of the Bachelor franchise, things have been insane on Bachelor Pad.  And who better to comment on the insanity than everyone’s favorite frozen faced legal eagle Erica Rose?  Check out some of her interview with Wet Paint below:

How was Bachelor Pad 3 different from Bachelor Pad 2?

The cast was very different! I personally bonded more with the cast of Bachelor Pad 2 and made stronger friendships. There were such dynamic and amazing people like Michelle Money and Gia there and people who were truly loyal to me like Kasey. I’m also very close with Holly [Durst] and Blake [Julian] since I just got back from their wedding. I think of Bachelor Pad 3 as more of a snake den. Though there were some nice girls there like Jamie who I really enjoyed getting to know.

What made you want to come back?

I wanted to come back because I honestly did not want to be remembered as the girl who had eggs thrown at her. Now I guess I will be remembered as the girl who took down Michael Stagliano and broke up an alliance — at least this time I wasn’t a victim.

Who is the real Chris [Bukowski]? The guy who cried over Emily on The Bachelorette, or the guy who played three girls at once on Bachelor Pad?

I think Chris was heartbroken over Emily and that is why he was acting out and being such a player on Bachelor Pad.  He definitely was not ready to move into another relationship and was using the other women to distract him from being sad about Emily.

Who is the real Kalon? The mean guy from The Bachelorette, or the sweet guy courting Lindzi on Bachelor Pad?

I think that Kalon is a complicated person. He is not necessarily sweet or trustworthy, but when he likes a girl he is going to treat her well.  He doesn’t care about having loyalties to his guy friends though. He is a good liar and hard to read, because he is always nice to my face and then saying rude things behind my back.

Which couple would you like to see win this season and why?

I would like to see Chris and Sarah [Newlon] win because I think that Chris took a huge risk by separating from his alliance and becoming partners with Sarah. Everyone else just kept it safe and stayed within the alliance. I’d like to see someone win who wasn’t part of the main power alliance. Also Sarah is my girl, so I’d love to see her win!  Even though we got into an argument in the last episode, we are still very close friends.

Who should be the next Bachelor?

Arie!!  He is just so sexy. I think he would be the hottest Bachelor that we’ve had in awhile.

Well, I must say Erica Rose and I certainly agree on something!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]