Last night was the finale of everyone's favorite Big AngAng opened her tanning salon and she bought her own engagement ring (courtesy of Neil), and it was fabulous!  Thanks for not disappointing, VH1, and happy Labor Day weekend to all of our fabulous readers!

Ang and her chest go jewelry shopping.  It's like her therapy.  Ang has a giant gem stone she wants to have set.  She tells Linda that she really wants an engagement ring…she and Neil got married so quickly that they had to forgo the rock.  Of course, now Ang is all about trying on the most gigantic diamonds she can find.  She finds a 15 karat canary diamond for a mere $750K.  Since Neil is only a sanitation worker, she wonders how he'll ever afford it.


Jen has all the ladies over for dinner.  Ang is terrified, given that Jen can't cook.  She's cooking one grilled cheese at a time.  Ang laughs revealing to the audience that Jen still lives at home with her parents.  Ang tells her friends that A.J. is getting a day pass to come visit from rehab.  Her pals remind her that she can't throw him a party, as he needs to be surrounded by sober people.  Does Ang know any sober people?  The women talk about the tanning salon opening, and Ang is beyond excited.

The following day, Ang and crew head to the salon for the grand opening.  Pink lips, alcohol, and eyebrow stringing commence.  Mob Wive's Renee Graziano makes an appearance, and I'm happy to see she's not locked in a padded cell.  Renee has been traveling with her son A.J. all summer.  Ang invites Renee to her son A.J.'s welcome home pool party. 

The following day, Ang welcomes Drita D'Avanzo to the Drunken Monkey.  The two remind us that they haven't seen each other all summer, so they need to catch up.  There is some very scripted conversation about A.J., and Drita expresses her pride in Ang's son for making a difference in his life.  Drita apologizes for not attending Ang's salon's grand opening, but she will totally be there for A.J.'s pool party. 

Over dinner, Ang tells Neil about the wonderful diamonds she found at the jewelry store.  She really wants an engagement ring.  Neil suggests they tattoo rings on, as it would be much cheaper.  Ang tells her husband she isn't that type of girl.  Ang needs diamonds.  Perhaps she doesn't remember last week's tat laden episode.

Ang is planning A.J.'s pool party, and she is devastated when he calls to tell Ang he has to stay at his recovery facility because the place is on lockdown.  He assures her that he doesn't need to stay for any other reasons.  Jen, sister Janine, and Linda arrive at the party to find a sad Ang.  At least the good news is that now that party can be ridden with alcohol!  Aces!  Renee cannonballs into the pool with her dress on, and I spied a few drag queens.  Sandy won't let bartender Frankie out of her sight, but Renee wants a crack at the hot young guy as well.  Drita arrives, and it's a totally wild time, complete with giant wax lips.

Neil pulls Janine aside to show her a gift he's gotten for Ang.  Janine predicts he's going to give Ang a heart attack.  Call me crazy, but I'm guessing it's an engagement ring.  I'm such a psychic!  He gathers the party revelers around so that he can bestow his present upon his wife.  Neil hands his Ang a take out Chinese food carton, and she's thrilled to see the jewelry box inside.  It's a giant diamond surrounded by a bunch of other diamonds.  It's totally Big Ang…meaning 90 percent of real people wouldn't be caught dead sporting it.  Don't get me wrong…I'd totally sell it and buy a nicer car.  Ang credits Neil for taking her mind off of A.J.'s absences.  The crew toasts with champagne.  I'm betting everyone in attendance is secretly happy that A.J. wasn't able to make it!


Photo Credit: VH1