Jenelle Evans is in love, y'all. 

Are you still with me? Here goes nothing… on her blog, the Teen Mom 2 star proudly proclaims, “I think I have broken the “Gary/Kieffer” Spell I was under! YES!" Yes, Kieffer Delp and Jenelle are off again. So sad. Just a few days after that shocker expected turn of events, Jenelle declares her love for a new guy, Courtland Rogers

Jenelle shares, "Courtland and myself have made it official that we are in a relationship now. I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life. Everyone is going to love him. He is so caring, loyal, and knows how to take care of himself. I have a good feeling about this relationship."

Jenelle has a good feeling, y'all.


Not only does Jenelle have a good feeling, she also has a new address. Jenelle reveals, "As for me and Courtland, we are moving out tomorrow into our own house and are very happy about this decision." Wow. Jenelle and her on-for-now boyfriend of two weeks have moved in together. No worries, Jenelle says they're a perfect couple. She adds, "We get along great. We haven’t argued yet and have been living together for 2 weeks!” 

Good grief. Honestly, I don't know whether to bang my head against the wall or laugh until I cry. I mean, I guess if we look at Jenelle's relationships in dog years, two weeks without a fight would be cause for a celebration and a tweet/twitpic. Can Teen Mom years = dog years? My head (and walls) will appreciate the gesture. 

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Jenelle stresses that Courtland is a good guy. “He has a job as a roofer and he has his own car," Jenelle says. "He is a very responsible young man and helps me keep me on the straight and narrow.” Jenelle states that even her mom approves of Courtland. I don't think Barbara Evans approves of Jenelle on most days, so, if this is true, he could be the real deal.

Or, maybe not. Apparently, Courtland Rogers has a criminal record. In 2004, Courtland was arrested and charged with felony drug possession. Courtland violated his parole four years later and went to jail. “I’ve learned how to be a man from the hardness of this situation," he says. "I’m a very trustworthy person and learned my lesson from this. I live with it everyday.” 

Courtland explains the incident that led to the drug possession charge. “I was riding with a bunch of people,” he says. “It was a girl’s car that I like. The dude that was with me in the back seat had drugs on him [when] a cop pulled us over because she was speeding.”

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According to Courtland, the police officer decided to search the car and found "the dude's" drugs on the floor of the car. Pressure from the cop, who demanded to know who the drugs belonged to, and feeling sorry for the girl he liked led Courtland to take responsibility for the drugs. “Not thinking, I took the charge for it, even though it wasn’t mine,” he shares. The split-second decision resulted in a felony on his record and probation. Jenelle's new boyfriend does not offer any details about the parole violation, which later landed him in jail.

“I haven’t gotten in trouble since the charges,” Courtland says. “I’ve been out of trouble for 4 years.” Do you think Courtland's being sincere? Is it too early to judge? I must point out though, it has been a whole two weeks! Let's hope Courtland is a good influence on Jenelle… and not just another abusive, drug-abusing dead beat.


Photo credit: Twitter