Is Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer Getting Divorced…Again?

With the exception of Jenelle Evans, the cast of Teen Mom 2 has been relatively quiet lately.  That is, until now.  I must say, with all the drama that is usually surrounding Leah Messer, her new husband Jeremy Calvert , and her ex-husband Corey Simms, I am surprised we haven’t heard more about her in the tabloids.

Here’s a quick recap for those of you whose memory may be hazy: high school girl has one-night stand with guy who needs subtitles, subtitles guy really likes girl, girl learns she pregnant (with twins, no less!) so she can no longer cheer and attempts to date subtitles guy.  Cheating rumors abound with girl’s ex, couple breaks up, twins are born (one with special needs), co-parenting occurs, reconciliation occurs, a nasty trailer occurs, a televised wedding occurs, newlyweds struggle to cope with toddlers, especially since one is developmentally delayed, cheating rumors abound again, subtitles guy buys new truck instead of moving family out of nasty trailer, couple divorces, girl meets new guy, marries new guy a few months later.  Are we all up to speed now?


Well, it seems that the magazine that shared Leah and Jeremy’s wedding photos is also sharing their break-up…if there really is one.  This week’s OK Magazine’s cover boasts. “Bombshell!  Why Jeremy Left Leah!”  However, the couple tweets that the headline and accompanying story couldn’t be more false.  Jeremy took to twitter to say, “Wow bombshell!! I’m actually a working American that works out of town!! Ok magazine you can kiss my & Leah’s a$$!!”

Leah then joined in the fray after a fan asked if she was divorcing (again) after just four and a half months of marriage.  Her response?  A resounding “noo.”  Okay, so maybe its not “resounding,” but it’s a denial none the less!  A screen shot of those tweets is below.

I have to say, I am kind of glad to be hearing from a season two mom that isn’t Jenelle…her drama is way too depressing for me!