Bachelor “Winner” Courtney Robertson and Bachelorette Cast-Off Arie Luyendyk Jr. Share Romantic Dinner Date!

No one ever likes to admit when they're wrong.  It's humbling and very embarrassing…even more so when you're eating crow about the Bachelor franchise.  Until I fell for quirky One F Jef Holm on the Bachelorette finale, I was a tried and true Arie Luyendyk Jr. fan.  In fact, I loved that Emily Maynard chose Jef because that meant that Arie was still on the market.  In addition to reality television, I am also somewhat of a racing fanatic.  Weird, I know.  Since Carl Edwards is married, I hung all of my hopes on Arie.

Alas, those hopes have been dashed…along with my once Pollyanna-esque views that Arie was a happy-go-lucky, love struck dude who enjoyed awkwardly intense make-out sessions.  It turns out my friend (a Sean Lowe fan, go figure) tried to warn me that Arie was just another player, and it seems she was right.  Why else would he be caught sucking face with fame harlot Courtney Robertson less than a week after she was able to shake former fiance Ben Flajnik?  At least she upgraded in the hair department!


As you all recall, Courtney won Ben's monochromatic season of the Bachelor with her feminine wiles, catty ways, and aptitude for skinny dipping.  Poor shaggy Ben was putty in her hands, finally thrilled to have a girl–a "model" no less–want to win the competition for a crack at celebrity and a Neil Lane diamond his heart.  After an exhaustingly long nine month engagement, and in news that shocked absolutely no one, Courtney and Ben called it quits just last week, citing distance (generic) and no hard feelings (read: she could no longer stomach his hair or his penchant for vests with jeans).

It's also no surprise to learn that Courtney was able to pick up the pieces and move on so quickly.  Thankfully, according to TMZ, she was able to find find solace in the lanky arms of Emily cast-off Arie.  Both from Phoenix, the pair was seen canoodling (I've always wanted to say that!) at a local romantic eatery just six days after Courtney and Ben announced their split.  Courtney must love the restaurant given she ate there with Ben on her hometown date!  She must have had a Groupon… 

The site also has some wonderfully grainy kissing pictures.  Oh, Arie, it seems like you are just like every other dude, oblivious to an obvious man eater–OR perhaps he's just as savvy as Courtney, and this is a plan they've concocted together to stay relevant.  After all, this is the girl that kept drama high by trying on wedding dresses for paps before Ben's finale ever aired.  They could be collectively trying to extend their rapidly depleting fifteen minutes.  Regardless, Arie isn't the guy I used to watch on Mondays anymore.  Thank you, Chris Harrison, for you and your minions have slowly started to jade me. 

The night of the dinner, Courtney posted a Twitter picture of two wine glasses with the caption "RedWineImFine" (maybe we have more in common than I thought!), which is inadvertently hilarious since Ben owns a vineyard.  Way to kick a guy when he's down!  Speaking of, I had to include a picture that aforementioned friend sent to me when Ben's season drew to a close.  You've likely seen it, but I hope it makes you laugh as much as it does me!


[Photo Credit: Twitter, Facebook]



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