Most Memorable Dates in Bachelor History

Nick Viall on The Bachelor
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The Bachelor is an unconventional way to find love, so it makes sense the dates would be equally…unique. In the last 28 seasons, there have been many unforgettable dates. Some dates were memorable because of the romance, others because they were either totally bizarre or a complete disaster. Either way, they are lodged in our brains for good.

Here are ten of the most memorable dates in Bachelor history.

Zero Gravity Date (Nick Viall & Vanessa Grimaldi)

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Vanessa Grimaldi scored the season’s first one-on-one, but considering how it ended, she probably wishes Nick Viall chose someone else.

Nick picked Vanessa for the space simulation date. The two boarded a plane designed to mimic the weightlessness of a flight in space. It started out great, with the two sharing some cute kisses while floating through the air, but then Vanessa started to feel nauseous and ended up hurling in a plastic bag. Yuck. Soooo not romantic.

Boob Art (Jason Mesnick Group Date)

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There are some Bachelor dates you can recreate in real life but Jason Mesnick’s boob art date is not one of them. In Season 13, Jason took the women to make molds of their breasts to auction off at a charity event. While we’re all for a philanthropic date, this was just insane.

The World Record Kiss (Sean Lowe & Lesley Murphy)

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Sean Lowe’s one-on-one date with Lesley Murphy featured a trip to the Guinness World Records Museum, where the two were tasked with breaking the world record for the longest kiss. The two kissed for 3 minutes and 15 seconds, which was about 3 minutes longer than viewers wanted to watch. They felt awkward. We felt awkward. Overall, it was just a bad idea but memorable.

The Smelling Date (Ben Higgins Group Date)

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Ben Higgins’ sniffing date lives rent-free in our brains. For one of the group dates, Ben invited the women to the “Love Lab” to test which ladies he thought smelled the best. Okay??? Ben blindfolded himself, smelled the women, and then told a scientist whose scent he liked the best. The best part was when he described one of the woman’s scents as “sour.” Yikes.

Backstreet Boys Concert (Nick Viall Group Date)

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This one was awesome. On one of Nick Viall’s group dates, the women got to perform a dance at a Backstreet Boys concert. Ugh, we’re jealous. We would definitely choose this one over Ben’s smelling date

The Costco Date (Chris Soules & Kaitlyn Bristowe)

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Not all Bachelor dates are helicopter rides and fireworks; sometimes, you just go to Costco. Chris Soules chose Kaitlyn Bristowe for one of the chillest dates of all time. The date was so random, which made it memorable. Also, Kaitlyn is unbelievably charismatic, so she made it fun to watch. If you’re looking to recreate a budget-friendly Bachelor date this Valentine’s Day, this is definitely the one.

The Wedding Dress MuckFest (Chris Soules Group Date)

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The Costco date wasn’t the only memorable date from Chris’s season. Who could forget when he made the women crawl through the mud wearing wedding dresses? The date was a perfect metaphor for the show and we loved every minute.

The Demolition Derby (Arie Luyendyk Group Date)

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In one of Arie Luyendyk’s first group dates, the women competed in a demolition derby, a nod to the Bachelor’s racing career. It was fun watching the women decorate their cars and compete in the race but the best part was Annaliese Puccini revealing she had bumper car PTSD. Iconic.

Sports Illustrated Photo Shoot (Brad Womack Group Date)

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Watching the guy you’re dating create a Sports Illustrated photo with another woman right in front of you sounds like h***, which made it the perfect group date. The producers were messy for this one.

Fake Wedding (Ben Flajnik & Courtney Robertson)

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On Season 16, Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson got fake married with wedding rings and vows. The two pouring their hearts out to each other after only knowing each other for like a minute was wild. It really made us stop and think, “This show is insane.”