Basketball Wives LA Recap: Because the World Needs Two Jackies

Last night's Basketball Wives LA was once again centered around Jackie Christie.  We resume with Brooke Bailey's pool party where Gloria Govan, Laura Govan, and Draya Michele watch ol' Wacky change from heels into sneakers as if she's ready for a fight.  Draya ignores Jackie's insanity, but she does offer her a cigar when she shares some smokes with the ladies.  Jackie wonders if there are explosives in her cigar.  Wait to let a sleeping dog lie, lady! 

Bambi and Malaysia Pargo arrive, and Brooke immediately pulls Bambi aside to hash out their differences.  They actually have a lot more in common than just that guy.  Bambi appreciates Brooke for doing her best to be honest and squash the tension between the two.  Brooke still isn't Bambi's biggest fan, but she wants to enjoy her party.  In the spirit of apologies, Jackie approaches Draya in hopes they can find time to mend their relationship. All in all, the pool party is one boring snoozefest of a success, but at least no one was injured!

Laura meets up with Bambi at the park to see if they can't brush their issues under the rug as well.  I am beginning to see a common theme emerging of "squashing beef," and I'm happy to see them "meeting up" at somewhere other than a boutique/coffee house/bar.  Baby steps.  Laura goes in for a hug but gets shafted by Bambi.  Bambi goes in for a high five/fist bump but gets called out by Laura.  They settle on shoulder rubbing.  You just can't make up this stuff.  Laura thinks Bambi is aggressive and Bambi thinks Laura is a bully.  Bambi wants to know if it bothers Laura to look so fake, but Laura doesn't mind if her phoniness involves Jackie.  Laura tries to explain that if Bambi knew the real Jackie she would realize why Laura is acting the way she is.


Later, over cocktails (duh), Bambi shares her afternoon conversation with Malaysia and Draya.  I am fearful for Draya's earlobes.  Jeez, are those earrings or UFOs?  Malaysia is super pissed that neither Laura nor Bambi told her of their plan to meet up at the park.  Apparently, everyone knows that when you ask someone to meet at the park it means they're looking for a fight.  And here I was proud of them for broadening their "meeting up" horizons and getting some fresh air.  Don't I feel silly?  Bambi is still sick of Laura bing two-faced, and poor Malaysia just wishes everyone will get along.  Malaysia then starts teasing Draya about Jackie, and it turns extremely inappropriate.  I really don't know where we went off the rails here (well, I do, but I'm not about to type what Draya said), but Draya and Bambi are flirting with one another in an attempt to make prim Malaysia uncomfortable.  To call their bluff, Malaysia dares the pair to kiss.  They make out for a while, and Bambi reveals its her first lady kiss.

Jackie and Laura are going hiking, and Jackie wants to talk about Malaysia not acting like herself.  Laura shares that Bambi thinks she's a bully, but she skirts the issue of WHY Bambi thinks she's a bully.  Jackie knows that Laura would never try to bully her.  Um… Jackie invites Laura to come to Washington with her to sell some of her designer belongings.  Hell to the no, says Laura in her interview.  Can someone please tell me why Laura has a bejeweled eye in some of her interviews?  At first I thought I was seeing things…

Jackie and Doug are packing to go to Seattle.  She is excited to see family and friends and spend some quality time with her daughters.  Jackie reveals that she's still numb from her mother's death, and level-headed Doug gives her some sage advice.  She tells him that she's invited the Sisters Govan, Malaysia, and Bambi to accompany her on their trip.  She's thrilled to show them around the town where she was raised, and she'd really love to have an old-fashioned slumber party.  Doug thinks it's a brilliant idea!


Meanwhile, Laura is hosting a mixology class for the ladies.  I have no words for Jackie's boots.  Once Malaysia arrives, Brooke starts in on her for the phone conversation they had before her birthday party.  Malaysia says she was just trying to make sure that she and Bambi were cool.  After the ladies exchange some heated words, Brooke realizes that Malaysia only had good intentions.  The girls hug it out, and Jackie starts applauding.  Draya then arrives dressed as Jackie.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Jackie wants to beat Draya at her own game, so she strips down to her faux Spanx body suit and gives herself a wedgie.  She begins prancing around saying "I'm Draya!  I'm Draya!"  Lord have mercy!  They start one-upping one another when Jackie gets snippy.  Malaysia reminds her to keep in character, so Jackie (as Draya) starts to go off on Brooke regarding their modeling.  She says some less than flattering things and pulls out some pepper spray and starts to take off her boots.  Brooke now thinks Jackie is acting a fool and starts talking smack to Brooke.  Brooke gets in Jackie's face, and the women are trying to break them up…Jackie is clearly terrified and she is trying to calm an erratic Brooke.  Of course, the second she thinks Brooke isn't actually going to swing at her, she starts in again, and the next thing I know, Jackie's weave is all over the place and Brooke's tank top is ripped.  On the floor is Brooke's necklace which says "Trust No Bitch" and one of Draya's fake "Jackie nails." 

Jackie and Doug are in Seattle, and she's nervous about going to her mother's grave.  She also wants to have a counseling session with her daughters since they aren't as close as she'd like to be thanks to some regular mother/daughter stuff.  Regular, my bum!  Jackie goes to her mother's grave and shares what's going on with her life.  She knows that her mother would be glad that she is trying to rebuild her friendships with the girls.  Jackie tells her mother that she knows she has an issue with patience and tolerance.  It's a sweet scene. 

The counselor arrives, and Jackie explains that her daughters look at her less like a mom, and more like a sister and they need to show her more respect.  She also admits that neither of her girls have agreed to see a counselor for "their issues" (Jackie's clearly just trying to help her misguided girls!), so she's worried what will happen when they see the therapist.  I love how it's all them and not her.  Doug hightails it out of the house right as Jackie's daughters arrive.  Her girls do not look pleased.

Next week, Jackie's daughter accuses her mother of being fake, but she won't hear any of it.  Malaysia and Bambi come visit in Seattle, and Bambi tells Jackie she doesn't think Laura is a good friend to her.  Jackie confronts Laura with this information. 


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