Basketball Wives LA Recap: Dodge Ball

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Boss Jackie Christie has alienated almost every co-star on Basketball Wives LA, but Draya Michele isn’t far behind when it comes to upsetting friends. After Jackie and Brandi Maxiell’s explosive French fry altercation, the women were back last night to instigate more drama. Bring on dodge ball! The episode begins with Brandi meeting up with Mehgan Jones after their brawl in Santa Barbara. The two ladies have forgotten their smack down, and are instead blaming Jackie for all of their issues. As to whether Jackie is still hosting a cancer event to celebrate Brandi…that’s still up in the air! Brandi and Mehgan seem to have forgotten their punching match a few weeks earlier in lieu of bonding over how much they dislike Jackie. 

Meanwhile, Jackie is recapping the insanity differently by sharing with Shaunie O’Neal that her latest experience with Mehgan who renders the suggestion that everyone bring tennis shoes? For fighting? Nostrils tempers that the tennis shoes were probably an invitation to exercise. Mehgan is meeting with Malaysia Pargo and Angel Brinks, and she reveals that she wants to unleash her anger on Jackie by hosting a dodge ball tournament. That’s much kinder than I expected.


The other ladies are on board with dodge ball. Brandi likes to exercise and Shaunie enjoys any excuse to don cute work-out attire. Jackie is still wary of why Mehgan has organized an outing that requires running shoes. She is uncomfortable when she joins all her cohorts…she believed she was meeting Mehgan for a duel. Draya arrives and she may be more uncomfortable than Jackie. Mehgan explains that dodge ball is great way to get out aggression without actually getting physical. Upon hearing that, Draya childishly walks out–she refuses to partake in any balls being thrown at her face. 

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After Draya storms out, she’s appalled that none of her friends have chased after her to make sure she’s okay. Mehgan has customized jerseys for the crew, with Draya’s being Thottie and Mehgan joking about herself by having her shirt read FUPA. Angel decides she needs to check on Draya, and Mehgan follows to explain that it’s all in fun. Draya can’t get on board, so she excuses herself from the Vets versus Rookies dodge ball battle. One minute into the game, Jackie is crying foul when Mehgan pegs her with some fast balls, but most of the ladies are laughing throughout the game. Post-game, Mehgan confronts Jackie about the spitting ordeal, but Jackie offers a somewhat sincere apology. Mehgan is willing to work on their friendship while she can’t totally forgive her. On her sorry trail, Jackie moves to Brandi, offering a mea culpa for the restaurant insanity. Brandi recognizes the crazy, but she’s willing to forget about the incident and chalk it up to yet another Jackie-ism. 

Over brunch, Shaunie and Mehgan are enjoying chicken and waffles and rehashing the dodge ball tournament. Both women realize that Draya doesn’t enjoy when everyone is getting along. Mehgan cites that she’s replacing Draya among her group of friends. After all, Brandi and Malaysia really like her now. She’s actually being a good sport. Across town. Brandi and Malaysia are spray tanning and questioning their relationship with Draya. Brandi especially finds Draya’s behavior to be very selfish, and Malaysia is fed up as well. 

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Dodge ball wasn’t enough of an aerobic experience, so the ladies are taking a hip-hop dance class. Jackie is all about getting down, but that’s probably thanks to the glass of cognac she smuggled into the studio in her pocketbook. Malaysia finds it hysterical to see a grandmother twerking, and none of the women indulge Jackie’s desire to drink and drop it like it’s hot. At home, Brandi and her son are face timing with her husband. The two are trying to work through his infidelity, but Brandi is taken aback when she learns her husband is planning a trip to Los Angeles without discussing it with her prior. Brandi doesn’t want to jump back into anything too hastily. 

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The following day, Brandi and Jackie are meeting at a make-up mega-store to get cosmetics that will complement Jackie’s Great Gatsby themed cancer event. Jackie is thrilled that Brandi accepted her apology from their bistro blow-up, and she’s come equipped with a handful of receipts showing that she does own actual Chanel and Rolex watches. She isn’t the “broke-ass” Brandi accused her of being during their kerfuffle. Brandi is laughing hysterically at the offering…she’s a certain kind of sane, while Jackie is all kinds of cray. Malaysia joins the women and she and Brandi try to impart some fashion knowledge on their older counterpart. Brandi finds their makeover to be a bit insulting and she takes to flashing her cha-chas and swearing that “less is more.” 

Having recovered from shopping with Jackie, Brandi and Malaysia are dining with Draya. They want to get to the bottom of her weirdness, and Draya reveals that she doesn’t like Mehgan…and she can’t have her best friends being friends with Mehgan. That’s no shocker! Brandi reminds Draya that she was palling around with Jackie when Malaysia and Brandi couldn’t stand her. In fact, the two wouldn’t have reconciled with Jackie if it hadn’t been for Draya. Why is it okay for Draya to be friends with their enemy but not the other way around? As the women bicker, Brandi and Malaysia remind Draya that Mehgan doesn’t have a problem with her. Brandi accuses Draya of being selfish and tries to explain that she doesn’t need to run away from every situation. Bringing up her cancer event, Brandi questions Draya’s attendance if Mehgan is there. Welp. 


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