It's bittersweet recapping the Jersey Shore this week given the destruction of Seaside Heights at the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.  I'm only hoping that for an hour we can all escape real life and enjoy the antics of these crazy adults.  Or not.  Vinny Guadagnino opens the show urging people to give to the Red Cross relief effort, as he should.  Leave it to Vin to have me tearing up less than a minute into the show.  I love that guy!

Last night's episode begins with Jenni "JWoww" Farley trying to salvage her relationship with Roger on the duck phone.  She reminds him that they live together, but he turns around to remind her that she leaves to go film these shows every couple of months.  He doesn't want to break-up with her, but Roger is so over the club scene.  He's too old.  That's progress.  Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino shares his newly coupled worries with Jenni.  He wonders if it's normal for girls to go buck wild once they become monogamous.  Paula has, much to Mike's dismay.  She talks about sex and being crazy…all the things that Sitch's virgin ears can't handle.  Give me a break!  Mike can't get over his new girlfriend's openness.  When he, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Deena Cortese head to work at the Shore Store, Rawn jokes about having sexual escapades that lasted longer than Mike's fresh and new relationship.  Deena, always the trooper, doesn't get upset when Danny makes her wear a prison jumpsuit at work.  While she believes the joke is too soon (I totally concur), she goes along with it because that's what meatballs do.  Mike tries to give his relationship the benefit of the doubt given that the pair has only been dating one day.  He's such a gentleman.  He calls Paula an 8.2 and wants to spoil her into a 10.  Wow.  Gag.  This is why I don't heart Mike.  Paula surprises Mike at the Shore Store, and both Deena and Ronnie think it's more that he can handle.  She's too comfortable. 


Back at the house Vinny and Paul "Pauly D" Delvecchio decide to do the prank to end all pranks.  They are going to take all of Deena's photos of boyfriend Chris and replace them with their mugs.  They head out on to the boardwalk to get legit reproductions of her pictures.  A photo booth and a bromance later, and Vinny and Pauly D have all the ammunition they need.  I love these two and I don't care who knows it.  Pauly and Vin return home and are disappointed to find the ladies back so soon.  How are they going to execute their prank if Deena's in the house?  Deena is horrified that she can't find Chris' pictures.  I think this may be one prank that never comes to fruition.  Bummer.  When they are able to hijack her frames, Deena finds it hilarious…as she should.

Ronnie and Deena head out to play on the boardwalk.  He wins her some prizes and I have to applaud Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola for allowing her man to hang with her roommate.  When Deena starts in on orgasm talk, you can tell poor Rawn is wishing that Sam had put a tighter leash on him.  He doesn't want to hear about Deena's sex life.  I don't either.  Cops abound at the bar the duo is frequenting, and Deena takes it upon herself to ask them what rules she needs to abide by to avoid the slammer.  This may be the first time I've felt sorry for Rawn.

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is ready to make a pregnant entrance at Karma with all of her roomies.  Roger surprises Jenni by arriving with all of her Long Island besties.  True love is alive and well.  Snooki is happy to reconnect with Jionni, although I don't foresee them lasting long in this club scene.  Mike's roommates find it odd that he just asked Paula to be his girlfriend yet he's hitting on any girl that moves. Am I shocked?  Not at all.  One of Paula's friends pulls Mike away for a lecture.  Mike is disturbed to learn that new girlfriend Paula has enlisted pals to spy on him.  We've got a situation here!  Mike spots Paula's biffle and feels the need to follow her to share that he isn't doing anything wrong.  Does he not remember from seasons past that cameras are following him at all times?

On the way home, Sammi shares with Deena that Ronnie wasn't keen on her talking about herself during their day drinking outing.  When she questions him, he confirms.  Deena now feels like no one is on her side, and Ronnie is trying to placate her.  I have to agree with Deena…if Rawn had a good day, then why does he feel the need to talk shiz about his fun times with Deena?  Busted!

The duck phone quacks, and Mike answers.  Paula wants to chat with her new boyfriend.  Mike hopes her friends didn't share that he was grinding on every tourist in sight.  He's in luck!  Paula is still smitten.  Deena and Rawn make amends and Pauly D, Vin, and Sitch head to the boardwalk.  Pauly's stalker from past seasons is front and center.  It's not me.  Pinky swear.  Later, while most of the dudes are GTLing, Ronnie decides to spend his day with the ladies.  Poor Snooks is attempting to cook for Jionni.

Rawn, Sam, and Deena are enjoying their afternoon until Deena decides she wants to meatball.  Didn't she learn from just being arrested that meatballing leads to prison?  Sam heads home–after all she's not Deena's caretaker–and she is forced to answer the duck phone.  It's Deena's mom.  Sam admits that Deena is having fun on the boardwalk, and she wouldn't come home at her roommate's request.  Sammi does try to calm the situation by saying that Deena didn't seem as drunk as she did on the day she got arrested.  Deena's mom doesn't care about semantics. She's tired of her daughter's wild ways, and she's going to come get her if she doesn't hear from Deena soon.  Deena, meanwhile, is dancing on bars and it's not even lunchtime.  It's only appropriate that the quick scene is of Deena pretending to steal money from the Shore Store.

Jionni is thrilled to try his fiance's home cooked dinner.  Bless him.  He's being such a cheerleader, and I can't even imagine ingesting half the stuff on his plate.  He's a keeper.  Jionni thinks Snooki's cooking tastes amazing which is astounding to the original meatball who cooked it yet can't stomach it.  A wasted Deena returns to the shore house and talks to her mother on the phone. She is so out of it, and her mother rails on her for such poor behavior.  Deena is sobbing while her very angry mom promises to come scoop up her daughter from Seaside.  Deena doesn't want to leave, but she starts packing.  The following morning, Jenni is happy to have Roger at the house, and Deena doesn't know if she's coming or going.  She calls her mom and can't promise her that she won't continue getting wasted.  When drunk Deena (the following morning…yes, still wasted) calls her mom back, she says she's ready to go home.  She calls her boyfriend and asks him to come pick her up.  Rawn finds the situation hilarious, and The Situation is happy that someone is more crazy than he is.  The more her roommates tease her, the more she wants to go.  How is she this bombed?  Deena and Ronnie get into a war of words with Sam holding him back. 

Next week, Paula is one of the guys, and Snooki steals stuffed animals from a boardwalk booth.  Sam intervenes with Deena to warn her that she may be jeopardizing her relationship with Chris because of her antics. 


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