Those crazy ladies who spend their days threatening to cut one another, visiting their husbands and boyfriends in jail, and ruling the streets of Staten Island have started filming a new season of the original Mob Wives.  However, like many on the east coast, Drita D'Avanzo, Big Ang, Carla Facciolo, Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, and Ramona Rizzo were affected by Hurricane Sandy, and production of the show was recently shut down due to the super storm. 

In the aftermath of the storm that killed twenty-two people on Staten Island, the show's producer Jennifer Graziano wants to show how the ladies are coping and volunteering in their home town.  After a week out of commission, cameras started following Big Ang, Drita, and Ramona as they headed out after Sandy.


Jennifer tells the New York Post, “This is all part of the reality of these women, and we can’t ignore it. We’re not a documentary or a news crew. We don’t want to intrude on the people who have been hurt bad, but we do want to see what’s happened here through the eyes of the women.”

The shows creator says she was most surprised with Ramona's reaction to the victims of Sandy, revealing, “I have to admit, Ramona has shocked me. She’s supposed to be the bitch, but she has been at every donation site on the island."

Continuing, Jennifer shares an especially touching gesture of Ramona's, saying, “This is going to sound funny but Ramona has had a Barbie collection since she was kid. It was her favorite thing. She went down to Midland Beach [one of the hardest hits areas on the island] and gave the entire collection to a kid who’d lost all her toys.”

The other women are also showing their support with hands on clean-up and donations.  Big Ang has designated the Drunken Monkey as a drop-off site for diapers, blankets, canned food, cleaning supplies, and heaters, and she's cooking up a storm for those without power.  She tweeted this morning, "Good morning everyone, wake up and realize you woke up and you're healthy. Be grateful for everything you have xoxo."

While Renee is in treatment in Florida, she is raising money from afar for the victims.  She took to twitter to say, "Its nice 2 c the put their differences aside n do wht is most impt n that's helping others any n every way they can!"

As scary as these women are, they are even more loyal, so it's not surprising to see them coming together in such a big way to help their hometown.  Kudos to you, ladies!


[Photo Credit: Twitter]


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