RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Recap: Public Humiliation

Last night on RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race a surprise elimination took place as we headed into the final three. Synergy really whips through 'em fast, doesn't it? 

For the mini challenge the sometimes ladies had to go back to their roots – manhood. Ru challenged them to a butch guy photoshoot. If you imagined it was sort of a mess, you were right. Manila Luzon shoved a banana in her pants. Chad Michaels looked like "Burt Reynolds and Cher had a baby," according to Jujubee.

Those photos were TERRIBLE! Poor Latrice Royale lamented about how she has difficulty feeling sexy as a man – or a woman. 

In the end Yarlexis was able to snag the sexy real men photo win, which isn't saying much. 

For the main challenge Ru requested the girls punk the public. Dressed in drag they had to play a little game called "Queens Behaving Badly." Ru carted them all over to Hollywood Blvd where they had to harass tourists and the like into doing ridiculous pranks called upon by their partners through an ear piece. Each prank had a score. It was sort of a street-side variety show and it was kind of interesting but sort of low-brow. 


Drag and daytime don't mix quips Manila. Raven is up first and whips up a pink afro to try and solicit bystanders to eat grapes she fed them and do a bunch of silly stuff. Juju was sort of a mess giving instructions, but was fantastic out on the street. The menfolk sure did take an interest. I wonder if some of them thought she might be a real live girl. One guy was even trying to steal a kiss. Poor Juju! 

Manila dressed like a Technicolor ringmaster and she was amazing! She had such energy and conviction out there. Latrice, on the other hand, had some technical difficulties. Mainly finding things in the bottom of a the giant prop-containing trash can. Latrice was turning into Oscar the Grouch she was spending so much time that garbage can.

Poor Alexis Mateao also had a lot of trouble feeling comfortable with the challenge. She was sort of a hyper active mess that scared people. Once again Yara Sofa was carrying their team it seemed and she was really good at convincing people to do just about anything. 

Chad Michaels and Shannel went last. These two were sheer professionals out there and didn't let any aspect of the challenge daunt them. 

For the runway show the queens had to demonstrate Bad Girl Chic. Rachel Dratch, Janice Dickinson, and Michelle Visage's boobs were the guest judges. Put those things away! 

Rujubee had something very interesting going on. I thought they were comprehensive, but not cohesive. Although the judges were really critical of Raven's "geisha lips" and cut-out bottom onesie,  I really liked it. I thought the entire thing was really striking and daring. And I  didn't mind the makeup. 

The judges had some sort of silly stupid complaints about unflattering panties and not enough accessorizing. Coming from Michelle Visage who was about to take off in flight as a Flying Monkey of Oz. Did this become a fashion statement when I wasn't looking.  

Shad had a sort of punk rock meets Pat Benatar thing going on and this was extremely well-pulled together and sharp. Chad was especially striking and the pants were fantastic. I think Chad really excels at making costumes that straddle the line between real clothes and fantasy. In any case Ru called her a "punk rock Carole Brady" and both ladies looked fantastic. They were dubbed the winners for having the highest points in the prank challenge and the best look on the runway. 

Yarlexis went for hairshow meets Fifth Element. Yara had made this wig that looked like helicopter blades – it was amazing, I'll give it that. And although theatrical, I thought it was a little much. The judges were in disagreement about whether it was ridiculous or haute couture. Alexis was rocking a lot of fringe and a lot of volume everywhere. I thought the dress was pretty unflattering and bulky, but the judges all liked it. 

Latrila: Latrice's look was a little cheap and overly done, but she has so much personality. All the judges thought her D'vine channeling didn't come off because the white makeup was too extreme.  Manila was really channeling Grace Jones and it was fantastic. Stark, androgynous, and captivating. Very cohesive. I thought it was hands-down the best look on the runway. Unfortunately as a team they had little unison. 

Ru asked all the teams who they thought should go home and after two teams voted for Yarlexis, Alexis freaked out on the runway and started ranting, giving Ru a pause. Ru does not like an uppity queen. Silencio! 

In the end though she felt Alexis' attitude wasn't as bad as the other two teams' shortcomings and Jujubee vs. Manila ended up lipsyncing for their lives. The song was Janet Jackson's Nasty.  It was quite shocking that Manila kind of freaked and fell apart during the lipsync. She was way too shocked to be in the bottom and I think sort of froze and went into overkill. And unfortunately Latrila sashayed away. 

I am so disappointed. Le sigh – all of my favorites have gone, except for Chad Michaels. I feel like both Latrice and Manila could have gone farther. I really wish Manila would have influenced Latrice's style a bit more, encouraged her towards more polished, high fashion looks. Latrice is a performer but she is not a fashion queen.

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