Kate Gosselin isn't known for tact.  Heck, she's really just known for having a ton of babies, at one point sporting a rooster haircut, and having an affair with a bodyguard I'm still not sure why she needs.  But not tact.  I mean, the woman hashtagged the hurricane under the phrase "SuperfunSandy."  Sensitive much?  Bless her heart.

Getting back to her infamous hair, the reality television loving mom of eight went from cock-a-doodle-do to coiffed 'do thanks to the Ted Gibson Salon.  She got her sleek new look a few years ago after nearly twenty hours in the stylist's chair.  We all know Kate likes to get things for free, but had she not gotten the complimentary hairdo it would have reportedly cost $7,000.  It's no wonder she was so excited when her salon regained power after the super storm…because that's what's important in light of the devastation. 


When Ted's business partner tweeted a picture of the lit up salon with the caption, "BACK IN BUSINESS!!!" Kate responded with an excited, "HALLELUJAH! So happy!”

A friend of Kate's doesn't understand the controversy surrounding her superficial friend.  Kate's pal tells the Huffington Post, “Like many women, her hair and her hairdresser mean a great deal to her. Kate spends a great deal of time and effort making sure she looks great — that’s not a bad thing. What lady isn’t worried about her hair on a rainy, windy day?"  True, but what lady is worried about her hair when a hurricane is decimating the east coast?

Her friend continues, "She was happy that her friend's business was up and running again. She can’t say anything without upsetting someone. It's crazy.”  Of course, the friend couldn't even begin to defend Kate's #SuperfunSandy!

I realize I'm being harsh on Kate, but it's not just this one instance where she's shown she lacks the sensitivity chip.  I, too, am excited that her salon has regained power, because it shows that things are slowly improving in New York and surrounding areas.  However, I truly think she was just thinking about her hair…


[Photo credit: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN]


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