RHOM’s Alexia Echevarria’s Son Pleads “Not Guilty” To Homeless Assault Charge! Karent Sierra Talks Acting Aspirations & Rodolfo!

Last month Alexia Echevarria's son Peter Rosello was caught videotaping himself punching a homeless man in the groin and then uploading the video onto Facebook. 

Gary Brown, the victim, decided to press charges and due to the severity of the act it was promoted from a misdemeanor to a 3rd Degree Felony. Last week Peter, 20, decided to plead "Not Guilty," reports CBSMiami. Peter did not appear in court, but his attorney entered a written plea and the judge set a court date for November 29th. 

If convicted Peter could face up to five years in prison. 

Moving on, Karent Sierra has had a difficult time adjusting to her co-stars on Real Housewives of Miami. And her sparkly veneers are cutting everyone the wrong way. Speaking to NBCLatino, Karent confesses she just doesn't care what the other ladies think and she had no intention of being BFF with the entire cast!

She also dishes on her TV/fame aspirations and how Rodolfo went from love of her life to yesterday's news as soon as the Bravo cameras stopped rolling.


"I’m always me – no matter what people have to say,” Karent maintains. “People mistake my niceness for weakness, but I love to smile and be sociable! I’m a true friend and have maintained long-lasting friendships with girls from pre-school – that says everything about who I am. And if I need to defend myself, I will.”

However she makes one thing clear, she's not stooping to trashy levels of behavior. “If you’re going to scream at me and not give me the respect I give you, I’m not going to bother returning that behavior." Nope, Karent prefers to kill'em with kindness – or at least the smile that just won't quit. Afterall, girls gotta business to advertise! 

Karent thinks all the conflict between her and several other ladies is just a matter of personalities not meshing. "I didn’t think it would be realistic to be friends with all six of the girls,” Karent confesses. “I went in confident about making several great friendships, and I have – they’re not just for TV.”

And she says she was prepared for the drama that comes with being a Housewife – because she knows it can lead to bigger platforms, of course. Please tell me she's not going to start promoting her own toothpaste or something. 

“I know what it means to be on Bravo and get exposure – and I don’t want any negativity that would get in the way of my goal of pursuing acting," Karent shares. “I’ve always wanted to pursue TV and film – it’s been a longtime passion of mine."

 “But my parents taught me to be to never depend on a man for my livelihood. I earned my independence through my education and career; I decided to go through the dental school process, worked for other dentists and worked long hours to make my practice successful and now my work has given me the chance to pursue my dream,” she explains. 

And while Karent dreams of the bright lights of Hollywood, she also wants a husband and family. Unfortunately Latin soap stud Rodolfo Jiminez didn't work out, though! 

Karent claims the pair dated for three-years but things ended when Rodolfo moved. “He was offered a great contract in Mexico and that was a big strain on the relationship, but we’ll always be great friends and I talk to him all the time.”

Karent says she's single and ready to mingle. Can you imagine her Match.com profile…. oh good Lord. 

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