RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Recap: This One’s For The Girls

This week on RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race the queens played homage to the ladies of girl group fame. And nobody melts a drag queen's heart (or mine!) like Diana Ross! Girl groups for-ev-ah! 

Thing start out with a little SheMail and then Ru appears in the workroom to let the girls know it's time to get their cheer on. The mini challenge is all about Cheer-Reading where the queens have to make a rhyme that throws shade at their opponents. Given that the remaining queens is all nicies and Miss Congenialities there was about as much shade as a Phoenix summer – well except for where Yarlexis is concerned. 

It seems there is a lingering vendetta that the two girls shouldn't be the shining star of the judges eyes last week and they get hassled over their language skills, but it was all in all pretty tame. It reminded me of that 80's music video "Hey Mickey!" That's how cutsie pie this was. 


For the main challenge the queens must play homage to the mighty girl group. Each team is provided with a guest based on what RuPaul song they choose to perform and they have to lipsync in front of a live audience. Ru is never above some shameless self-promotion is she?

Lucky Yarlexis gets the awesome Kelly Osborne, Shad lands Vanessa Williams' daughter Jillian Herve and Rujubee is stuck with Kady Z. Huh? Does anyone know who this Kady person is? I guess Ru does… Anyway I loved that during rehearsal Kady took off her shoes while the two queens worked it in heels. Separating the ladies from the queens, bitches! 

My favorite part of the episode was in the dressing room when the queens were getting their honorary team members ready. Kelly was predictably a fantastic sport and completely on board with anything crazy and fun. She looked amazing. Jillian talked to Shad about their relationship and we learned among the makeup brushes and falsies that the pair had a serious rift and didn't speak for sometime. 

And Kady was a complete buzzkill. She didn't want to be painted drag queen style and started having some sort of internal monologue about looking too drag. Girl, you're at a DRAG QUEEN COMPETITION COMPETING WITH THE QUEENS you need to look over the top fierce. I thought Rujubee was polite in encouraging her but in the end "dumbed down" her makeup to unexciting results. "I just wish we could paint this bitch up," an exasperated Jujubee lamented. I agree! 

Shad takes the stage first and really it was professional quality. Ridiculous professional quality. The only thing that sucked a little was that Jillian was in the center and got the most exposure while the other two not doing splits and high kicks were relegated to her sidekick a bit. However they were seamless, their dance moves were head and shoulders above the rest, and it was really authentic looking. And I just love when Chad does the sassy walk. 

Next was Yarlexis and despite the addition of the might Kelly – and looking the most awesome in the hair/makeup/costume department their dance moves just didn't really incorporate much. Their performance was fun and upbeat, but I wish they had churned it out a little more. I mean they mostly waved their arms around and pranced. 

And going last was Rujubee, or two queens and their Mary Tyler Moore vanilla-bland sidekick. Jujubee completely rocked this performance and carried it for the most part. Her solo was fantastic. She is such an engaging performer and really eye catching. She has great spirit. Personally, I forgot that Kady person in the normal makeup was even there. Yawn!

Of course it took the judges about six and half seconds to decide that Shad, their chains, and their sassy 80's styling were the clear winners. They advance to the finals which means Yarlexis and Rujubee must lipsync for their collective lives. 

Now whatever you want to say about Yarlexis, they are not as strong performers as Rujubee although they are far more inventive and exciting in the costuming department. 

Raven surprisingly lipsyncs for her team although Juju is the stronger of the two and Alexis goes for Yarlexis. The song is Pussycat Dolls' "Don't Cha.'" And oh, Alexis – don't cha wish you hadn't been such a hot mess up there?!

Raven literally was on wings of fire – she was amazing, captivating, engaging. So much so that a panicked Yara presses the Shemergency button. FINALLY! I have been waiting and waiting! Nothing happened – the song just went on but she tried to cobble into the performance and replace Alexis. It was not a good move on their part. It was merely a distraction that reminded you how amazing Raven was and brought more focus to her fantastic-ness. 

And then you know, Raven managed to pull off a "reveal" in the costume department while Yara was bustling around with that crazy-ass Marge Simpson big hair. And it was all over – and the fat lady didn't even have to sing. 

Unfortunately for Yarlexis it was time for them to sashay away and Rujubee advances to the finals. Personally, I think they deserve it. Jujubee is one of my favorite queens and she is so hilarious and funky. I'd love to see her face off against Chad for the finals! 

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