Sister Wives Recap: Home Sweet Homes

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are back, and the family seems to be feeling the strain of their Las Vegas move even more intensely than last season.  Even Kody's once fluffy, blonde mane is now straw-like with a dishwater hue.  Oh, the hairmanity!  Seriously, if I'm going to watch a show about a polygamist (and I do like watching, don't get me wrong), couldn't TLC have found one a little more Bradley Cooper and a little less Harry from Dumb and Dumber?

The family remembers how difficult the transition to Las Vegas was, especially for the older children.  There is definite tension on the sofa, that's for sure.  All of the wives blame being separated on the break down of their family unit.  The family is still trying to secure financing for their cul-de-sac village.  Christine is concerned that Robyn and Janelle's credit won't allow them to qualify for a loan.  If one of them can't get their home, no one will be able to move forward.


Robyn is meeting with an attorney in hopes of lowering the massive debt she incurred with her previous divorce.  Following that meting, Robyn goes to see a credit counselor.  She really doesn't want to be the reason that the family loses the opportunity to be neighbors.  Meanwhile, Janelle is meeting with the family's realtor to tour the model home.  She wants to see what her options are and whether she'll be able to cut costs by cutting out bedrooms.  Given that most of her kids will be heading off to college soon, she doesn't think that she needs a six bedroom house for everyone to have their own room.  She thinks Kody naively believes that the kids are going to live at home forever. 

Janelle also recalls feeling resentful of Meri initially when their housing search began she wanted a home as big as the other wives even though she only had one child.  Of course, Janelle realizes she can't fault Meri for not being able to have more children.  Janelle also feels a lot of responsibility for basically being the family accountant.  She feels guilty thinking about running off if she ever gets sick of Kody's hair. 

The wives are trying to stay upbeat about their online jewelry business My Sister Wives' Closet.  Kody et al heads to a photography studio to get some shots for the web site.  Kody doesn't want to be a part of the photo shoot because he feels like a pool boy.  He thinks the photos should focus more on his wives as super women.  Christine takes major offense to him trying to talk his way out of being involved.  Seriously?  His hair isn't going to sell any heart charms for you, ladies!  The photographer quickly learns that each wife needs equal opportunity to pose next to Kody.  Finally, Kody was granted reprieve and the four women are photographed without him.

Janelle and Kody's daughter Madison heads to the old strip with her friends.  Madison still hasn't warmed to the idea of Vegas, but she's excited she made some strong friendships.  The girls go zip lining, and Janelle and Kody hope that getting into the new houses will be better.  It will allow Madison to have more friends over to visit, and she will have more privacy.  Madison explains that she's glad she's found a good group that doesn't drink, although some of her crowd does party. Janelle and Kody couldn't be more proud.  She reveals that she doesn't want to be part of the polygamous lifestyle because she doesn't want to share her husband.  However, Madison believes that her half-sister Mariah will embrace a plural marriage for herself because she only hangs out with Mormon friends. 

Over at Robyn's house, we meet her younger sister Taralyce who lives with her and watches her kids.  If they are able to move into the homes, Taralyce will go with Robyn's family.  Kody and Robyn go to meet with a debt reduction specialist.  The specialist reveals that he was able to settle one of Robyn's biggest debts in collections.  Of course, they still have a long way to go.  Robyn shares her woes about the stigmas of having collection agents constantly calling her.  She says that after her divorce, she needed every penny for the care of her children.

Mariah is being inducted into the National Honor Society, and Kody and Meri are proud of their daughter's accomplishment.  Mariah really wants to attend college back in Utah and become a doctor.  She's also adamant about having her own sister wives.  When Meri jokes about being an empty nester, Mariah gets teary about her prayers that her mother will take Robyn up on her offer of surrogacy.  Meri doesn't know what to say.  She needs more time to make her decision, and Mariah is too upset to stay on their sofa. 

Kody and his wives are going to see if everyone qualified for a construction loan.  The woman they have been working with has them concerned that only three of them have been approved.  Christine admits that she's had several late payments because she totally forgot about her water bill.  Mona is handing out acceptance letters.  Christine learns that she's been approved, and she's overwhelmed as she feels like she been failing a lot lately.  Everyone is waiting with baited breath after Meri and Janelle are also approved.  Oh, that Mona totally pulled a fast one!  Everyone gets a loan!  Well, color me shocked.  Not.  The whole family takes a trip to see the model home.  The older kids are not getting their hopes up yet, although they are cautiously optimistic that things will work out for the best. 

This season, the families are tying to pick out the options for their homes, and Meri still struggles with infertility.  Kody's relationships with each wife are tested, and trouble is brewing among the teens.


[Photo Credit: TLC]