Sister Wives Recap: Logan Brown Graduates! Logan Brown Graduates…Oh, Wait. Wrong Show.

It seems that Kody Brown has gotten some sort of hairstyle/hairdo/haircut situation since last week's Sister Wives premiere.  His bowl-cut/mullet hybrid seems more tame.  Is he not watching these old home videos of himself that we're forced to watch?  He's actually not bad looking with shorter hair.  I don't know if I'll ever get over his mane situation.  Kody drones on and on about how many polygamists don't raise their children in such a public manner due to the stigma of the lifestyle.  Of course Kody wants to be front and center with each of his bazillion kids so they realize how strong the family bond is.  

Kody and his wives are heading to the high school for a parent(s)-teacher conference.  Oddly enough, they opt for the mini-van instead of Kody's convertible.  Strange.  The first meeting is with Mariah's Spanish teacher.  Mariah reminds us that she was inducted into the National Honor Society…last episode year.  A little editing problem there, TLC?  That would explain Kody's haircut.  Anyhoo, the Spanish teacher is meeting with three of the kids moms.  It's funny watching the wives pretend like they understand Spanish.  Christine thinks that Senora Hess is hot.  She would totally learn Spanish from her…and there is next season's story line–recruiting Senora Hess as the next wife.

Next, the women meet with the P.E. teacher.  While she's only teaching Aspyn this year, she had many of the daughters last year.  Aspyn likes to skip P.E. a lot, but she's making up the work to increase her grade.  Christine allows Aspyn to skip school a lot because she's such a good student.  That's good…it's totally like that in the work force too, so kudos to you Christine for preparing her for real life.  Meri admits that Mariah often tries to skip citing Chistine's lax nature with Aspyn, but Meri won't stand for it.  However, like Mariah, Aspyn also wants to be in a plural marriage like her parents.


The family is happy to hear that Janelle's son Hunter is doing well in Study Skills which is good considering how much he hated the move to Las Vegas.  Hunter wants to be a football coach, and Janelle is concerned about how much mini-Kody Logan is swearing around the house.  Janelle's daughter Madison has dreams of being an entrepreneur and a hairdresser…just while she works her way through college.  Ahh, to be a freshman in high school again.  While Madison loves her giant family, she knows she's too jealous to be one of many wives. 

Christine's daughter Mykelti wants to be a world famous fashion designer.  Her home economics Family Dynamics Science teacher (do what?) thinks she is on the right path.  Kody and the wives believe that the day is a success.  They are happy that their kids are adjusting so well to their new school.

Meri learns that if she wants to add the wet bar (drinking?  Did I miss something about their religion?) and hobby room in her house, she must opt for a fifth bedroom.  She's freaking out that Janelle is going to have something to say about her and Mariah having such a giant home for just the two of them.  Here's a thought, turn one of the four bedrooms into a "hobby room" and ask for a fancy sink with a mini ice machine under it.  Problem solved. 

The wives discuss the budget equality…aka why Meri is getting a big house when she she really doesn't need it.  Janelle and Christine don't want their homes to suffer because Meri wants things to be fair.  Kody hopes his wives know that he doesn't love Meri more because she's the first wife, but if she is required to get that extra room so she can enjoy the wet bar then an extra room she will have.  Meri just wants all of the kids to feel comfortable at her home.  She doesn't want to be judged by her sister wives for the extra room, but by God, she can't give up that wet bar!  Meanwhile, the builders and the realtor joke about how hard it will be for four wives to make a decision.  Oh the antics!

If Logan sounded anymore like his father, he'd have a giant head of hair and a big blonde harem.  He's graduating from high school, and Janelle is frustrated that the other mothers aren't tuned in to what the deal is for Logan's big day.  The family is scrambling to get ready in time for graduation.  Well, except for Robyn…she is planning to be late so her baby won't be bothering the other attendees the entire ceremony.  Hunter is upset that he's gotten dressed up when everyone else is casual–dressed up?  He looks like he stole a shirt out of Jon Gosselin's closet.  Thankfully, it takes the heat off of Madison's scandalous pencil skirt. 

Meri calls Robyn to see if she can bring a camera.  All the other wives are upset that Robyn is running late.  Unfortunately for Robyn, she's lost and is about to miss Logan walk across the stage.  Even worse?  Kody is leaving the auditorium to help her navigate could cause him to miss the big event.  Novice move, Robyn…not even Meri has your back for this one!  Janelle is too busy trying to figure out how to work the camera on her iPhone that she misses Logan walk across the stage.  Robyn arrives ten minutes later, and she turns on the waterworks for missing Logan.  Kody wonders why the hell they couldn't have organized the day better.  Well, now we know where Logan got his potty mouth.  Logan is undecided as to whether he'll take more than one wife…it seems like a lot of hassle.

Meri meets with her sister Elaine who has recently had a new baby.  Both women have suffered from infertility, and Meri is still undecided about trying to have another child.  Her sister feels like Meri isn't as anxious to have another baby as she has been in the past.  Kody is jonesing for another Meri baby, but she doesn't want to be pushed by him into making the decision.  He's very passive aggressive about what she chooses, as he knows he'll have more kids with one of his other wives.  Kody wants a decision in two months, but Meri compromises that she will have a choice by the end of the year when they have moved into the new houses.  Crying ensues…duh. 

Next week, Kody and his sister wives head out on vacation with another polygamous couple…and this guy is married to twins!  Scandal!


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