Basketball Wives L.A. Recap: Project Run(a)way…From Confrontation

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting with baited breath for Jackie Christie's line to debut at New York Fashion Week.  Can you even fathom the insanity that is going to head down that runway.  Well, on last night's Basketball Wives LA, the ladies let it all hang out while working that catwalk.  Apparently Jackie's line doesn't include a bra big enough to tame Brooke Bailey's giant chest, so she commandos it down the runway.  Laura Govan follows in braless suit, but she's thankfully not about to put out her own eye…or anyone else's.  But we'll get to that later…

Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo are trying on Jackie's fashions for the show.  Draya is beyond impressed with Jackie's pieces.  Why doesn't she wear these kind of clothes in her real life?  Brooke invites the women to a business deal, but she makes sure to get in a dig to Draya about the magazine cover shoot.  Draya can't cover up her jealousy.  Gloria Govan  and Brooke are walking in another show, and Draya, Laura, Jackie, and Malaysia are going to be be supportive.  Draya is confused as to why Jackie and Laura are being so buddy-buddy.  Jackie wishes that Draya would stop butting into her and Laura's friendship.  Laura thinks it's funny that people are concerned about her behavior towards Jackie.  Her master plan isn't going to go down at a fashion show where she's supporting actual friends!

Brooke takes the catwalk…or the slim slice of floor not overrun by revelers looking like a poor man's Nicki Minaj.  I'm sorry, but that wig is all kinds of unfortunate.  Gloria follows suit and she's dressed in the outfit that Hello Kitty would wear if she ever decided to be a construction worker.  Backstage, the women are being supportive of the models, but Draya backs out on a dinner celebration to honor Brooke's magazine cover.  Draya feels like she's being a good friend by not going to the dinner where she'd be sure to be a pouty Debbie Downer.  At Brooke's celebration, the other women wonder about Draya's absence, but Malaysia tries to play devil's advocate on Draya's behalf. 


Jackie is beyond thrilled that Laura seems to have ceased her plan to take her down.  Laura reveals to Jackie that there is more in store for the pair, and they will be going through something together that neither could have predicted.  Laura admits that meeting with Jackie's daughters was life-changing.  Meanwhile, the photographer from the magazine shoot arrives and he and Brooke begin going in on Draya and how unprofessional she behaved at their joint photo shoot.  Malaysia excuses herself so she doesn't have to hear people bashing on her friend. 

Back in LA, Bambi is meeting up with a jack of all trades…an old friend who plays for the NBA and loves rap.  Bambi thinks he is the perfect mentor to have in her corner.  For a brief moment I go into a daze and wonder if I'm watching what Love & Hip Hop was supposed to be…you know, actual conversations about music, and PR, and branding.  What a novel idea!

It has finally arrived–Jackie's day at New York Fashion Week.  On their way to meet Jackie, Malaysia shares with Draya how hurt Brooke was about her not attending the celebration.  However, Malaysia continues by saying that the photographer was not very kind when discussing Draya.  Jackie immediately gives Malaysia her runway outfit.  Malaysia is mortified.  She never said she would walk the catwalk, she is just there to help Jackie quick change the models.  Draya hones in on the dress that Laura wants to wear, and she basically hijacks the outfit.  Ultimately, Draya knows that Jackie will make the final decision.  Brooke approaches Draya about missing the party, and they are relatively mature in their conversation.  Shaunie O'Neal did not authorize kindness in the face of producer created drama! 

There is some concern that Laura will be missing the show, which will totally send Jackie into a full-fledged panic. No worries, just in time Laura arrives to be fitted for her see through disaster.  I will say, I don't hate all of it.  Some is actually cute and wearable.  A nervous Malaysia rocks that gold lame trench, and Draya's outfit wasn't hideous.  After the show, Brooke and Laura meet up for cocktails to rehash the situation with Draya.  Laura thinks that Draya plays the victim, and she's not being a good friend to Brooke.  Brooke needs an apology before the pair can move forward.  Laura admits that after talking to someone else close to Jackie she a different perspective on the woman.  She's no longer out for revenge…she just seems to feel sorry for her. 

Brooke makes one last ditch attempt to get an apology out of Draya.  I am prepared for a smack down after Brooke basically calls Draya selfish (in the nicest way possible though, I must add), but Draya goes into an apology which also attempts to apologize for how bad she is at saying she's sorry.  Did you follow that?  Honestly, Shaunie has got to be wondering why they are so quick to smooth over potential drama!  Where is the hitting and yelling and jumping across tables?  Draya starts crying, and Brooke isn't buying her crocodile tears.  Perhaps Nostrils Shaunie will get her drama!  After some back and forth about differing and appropriate levels of happiness, Brooke is done with the conversation and hits the road.

Next week, Bambi and Gloria get into a screaming match, while Jackie tries her hand at rapping.  The ladies head to New Orleans, but there is still beef between Brooke and Draya.


[Photo Credit: VH1]