Jenelle Evans is a human trainwreck of Lohan proportions that I really wish would fade into obscurity until she cleans up her act. And oh her poor son.

In the latest travail to plague the Teen Mom 2 star she married an ex-con in a quickie ceremony and may or may not be in the throes of a serious drug addiction. 

Jenelle married new husband Courtland Rogers the very same day he was charged with a felony for obtaining property by false pretenses. So just what did he do? It's really stupid… 

Courtland is accused of taking a gift card back to a store and attempting cash it in, but according to the store the gift card was never purchased so that raised a red flag,” a source tells RadarOnline. 


That isn't the only issue the newlyweds are dealing with, witnesses at Courtland's court appearance were shocked by both of their appearances and their demeanor. 

"Jenelle looks like sh*t,” the eyewitness shared. “She has lost about 30 pounds, and she looks terrible." Jenelle has been bragging on twitter about only weighing "100 lbs" and posting photos of her new svelte figure.

As for Courtland, he isn't faring much better. “Courtland was picking scabs on his face while he was in the court and his face was starting to bleed.” ICK

According to people close to Jenelle the reality star is using heroin. “Everyone is worried about Jenelle,” the source revealed. "And her appearance and actions on Tuesday did nothing to quell the concerns." 

Radar is also reporting that Jenelle's mother (and nemesis) Barbara Evans caught Jenelle shooting up! Jenelle's sister Ashleigh Evans – who Jenelle also does not get along with – told Star Magazine that when Barbara discovered what was going on she notified the authorities. 

And shortly after Thanksgiving Jenelle was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold at a Winston-Salem, NC mental health hospital. 

According to Ashleigh,“Jenelle was transferred that weekend” to Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Hospital for purposes of emergency rehabilitation.

Barbara became alarmed by Jenelle's behavior when she noticed her extreme weight loss – Jenelle has dropped a significant amount of weight in a short time. Barbara also noticed what appeared to track marks on Jenelle's arm. 

Then Barbara caught her using intravenous drugs. “My mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up," Ashleigh says. 

Jenelle, of course, denies that her hospitalization and weight loss have anything to do with drug use. She says she was in the hospital to have ovarian cysts removed. 

“I was in there for 8 cysts on my ovaries… the ambulance came to my house and got me," Jenelle announced on Sulia.. "After going to one hospital I had to be transferred to a bigger one 4 hours away from my home.”

However a source at the hospital says Jenelle was going through withdrawal symptoms before she left. 

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Jenelle flaunts her uber skinny frame, her acne products, and her pill bottles. Is she taking diet tips from LeAnn Rimes? [Photo Credit: twitter]

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