Has Cameron Diaz Fired Rachel Zoe?

According to a major news outlet, Cameron Diaz has fired Rachel Zoe as her stylist. I know, I know – how can we possibly go on with our regularly schedule Friday after reading such devastating news? It won't be easy – but we must try. 

The New York Post has reported that Cameron is no longer working with Rachel, adding, "Some sources snipe that Zoe's been too busy building her own empire, with clothes, shoes, bags and accessories bearing her name, and that she's got less time for styling her celeb clients."


However, the "Cameron fires Rachel" headlines may have been blown out of proportion, as Cameron's rep told E! News, "Cameron works with various stylists, including Rachel, when she is promoting projects. While she does not use one stylist exclusively, Rachel is a close, longtime friend and valued collaborator and they will work together on future projects."

Is Rachel Zoe’s Business Falling Apart?

To me, it sounds like they have decided, together, that Rachel is too busy to give Cameron the attention she deserves and/or demands. Personally, I don't get what's so great about Cameron Diaz. She should fire her hairstylist next. To each their own, I guess. 

Rachel Shares Her Top Fashion Must Haves!

While Cameron has always been one of Rachel's most celebrated clients, the star of Bravo's Rachel Zoe Project also dresses several other A-list stars, including Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner (love her!), Kate Hudson, and Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence.


Photo credit: Daniel Deme & Michael Wright/Wenn.com