Shahs Of Sunset Star Lilly Ghalichi Under Fire, Apologizes For AIDS Joke

Following Sunday night's episode of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset, Lilly Ghalichi came under fire for an offhand comment she made about AIDS.

The "joke" was part of an entirely too long segment about crotch juice and crotch liners. While I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Lilly's line of sexy swimsuits, hearing her design ideas, and seeing a model try one on, I could have totally done without the cutesy crotch juice explanations. Swimsuits have crotch liners… we know why… end of story. 

While looking through a rack of suits, Lilly caught site of a wrinkled (Actually soiled? I have no idea.) crotch liner. Lilly handed the suit to her assistant, Jill, and said, "There's crotch juice!" Joking around, Jill removed the liner with a tissue and held it over Lilly's computer.

Lilly shrieked, "Don't put that on my computer! There might be AIDS on there!"

The "joke" was inappropriate and didn't add anything to the story, so I chose not to include it in the recap of the episode. Following the show, fans bombarded Bravo's website, Twitter, Facebook, and other online forums, voicing their disgust. As a result of the negative backlash, Lilly has issued an apology for the inappropriate comment. 


Lilly wrote:
First off, I would like to apologize to everyone for the inaccurate and unacceptable joke. AIDS is a very serious disease and there is nothing funny about it.
Secondly, I am so ashamed that I of all people made a comment to further the stigma of AIDS. Clearly I am intelligent enough to know that you cannot spread AIDS via a soiled swimsuit, however I was not intelligent at all at that moment to make a joke about it. What I was intending to allude to were certain STDS or infections, which for example you 100% can spread crabs from a soiled swimsuit. AIDS, however, is not transmittable via a soiled swimsuit and I am mortified with myself for making a joke that implies it can be.
I am not a perfect person, and having cameras follow you around 24-7 is difficult. We all make inappropriate jokes and say things we shouldn't have in our private moments. The difference is my life is exposed to the world; I don't have private moments. Because of this, I should be held to a higher standard, and I truly do apologize for what I said. It is inexcusable.
To anyone struggling with the disease, or that may have family or friends fighting the disease, I am the most sorry to you. I am a very loving person and I hope anyone offended by the comment will find it in their heart to forgive me and give me another chance.
I am going to contact the AIDS Awareness Society to try and make a statement with them letting everyone know how inaccurate and unacceptable my joke was. In my heart I want nothing more than to help destroy the ridiculous stigmas associated with HIV and AIDS. I apologize to everyone for my ridiculous joke, and I hope one day I can use my platform to help AIDS Awareness.


Photo credit: Bravo