Duck Dynasty’s Robertson Family Supports Conservation Efforts In Louisiana

I know I've said it before, but I love, love, LOVE the Robertson family.  If I didn't think Jase and his wifey were so adorbs, he would totally be my dream guy.  Yes, I'm talking about that little gem on A&E known as Duck Dynasty.  Sure, the situations they get into are definitely scripted, but the love and hilarity is so real.  Duck Dynasty is what reality programming should always be like…it's the same reason I watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Jersey Shore.  They all truly care for one another. 

Yes, they're hairy and silly and don't shower that often, but they are all very intelligent and kind.  Did you know that Phil is a former school teacher who declined the NFL draft while playing first-string quarterback at Louisiana Tech?  The second-string quarterback when Phil played was NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw.  All of his boys went to college, and they all became Duck Masters except for Al who used to be a minister…he's also the only one sans beard.  Okay, okay, I'll stop with the ridiculous Robertson trivia.  I just love them…and now they've given me yet another reason. 

The Robertsons typically live under the radar (minus the whole reality show thing), but now they are using their popularity for the greater good.  I am not at all surprised.  These are good people, y'all, and if you've never watched, I highly encourage you to do so.  It's drama-free fun…and cute burly men!


According to a local Louisiana news station, the Roberson family is pairing with a local artist to save the Louisiana wetlands and its inhabitants…the water fowl.  The family has partnered with artist Michael Hunt who has created a lithograph, the proceeds of which will go to supporting conservation efforts in the state.  Of the partnership to combat coastal erosion, Jase (swoon) explains, "Being from Louisiana, it is the ultimate sportsman's paradise– it really is."

Wanting to help the cause, Michael weighs in, saying, "My son said, you should do something with Duck Commander, and I started watching the show and I love the show. I thought it was great and I thought, 'this would be perfect.'"

Michael continues, "After Christmas, we're going to look at some different things and decide what we'll do. And we hope to make it an annual thing where it's not just I that do it, but a different Louisiana artist will do a different piece every year."

Jase reiterates Michael's sentiment, sharing, "I go back to when I was a kid and the greatest escape I had in the world was when I was out in the wild, in the woods and on the water looking at ducks, whether we shot them or not. I just enjoyed the true Louisiana experience. We want to preserve that and pass it on."

For anyone who wants to find the irony in avid duck hunters preserving a habitat so they can continue to duck hunt, please know that it's not lost on me.  I am a proud (and very liberal!) Southerner, and I understand the hunting culture.  That said, I could never shoot anything for sport (or food), but I don't judge those who do.  Deer meat is delicious.  Again, I'm not trying to be funny, but it's the circle of life.  If a hunter friend of mine (and I have several) was to kill an animal just for the sake of killing, I'd be disgusted.  But they don't.  They eat the meat, just like we eat the steaks from our local grocery store.  Also, for those readers who live in my neck of the woods, I hope you can back me up when I say that the way the Robertson's make their living helps an overpopulation problem…and that's why hunting is so vehemently regulated and those who don't abide by the rules are punished accordingly. 

In conclusion (and off my soap box), I love the Robertsons and Duck Dynasty.  But y'all already picked up on that, didn't you?  🙂


[Photo Credit: A&E]