Sister Wives Recap: RIP Drake; Congratulations, Christine!

Last night we were treated to a double dose of Sister Wives, but it wasn't really more of Kody Brown's lion mane.  TLC just gave us two thirty minute episodes instead of one hour-long program.  There's drama and Kody tears…it's not funny.  So why am I laughing as I type?  Perhaps because when I typed it, I didn't realize that Kody was crying over the loss of a dog…I am a horrible person.  I am so saddened that the Browns have to deal with putting down their twelve-year-old family member. 

On the first episode, the family meets to go over the different options for the homes.  Granite countertops?  Christine Brown is quick to pick her back splashes and cabinets, but Meri Brown and Robyn Sullivan Brown are slow to make a decision.  Meri is willing to get another job so she can have what she wants in the house.  Seriously, Meri?  You're too good for sliding glass doors?  She really isn't willing to budge on what she wants in her home even though she's over budget.  I love that Christine won't offer up any of her extra cash even though she comes in under budget.  I totally get that Meri shouldn't be punished budget wise just because she wasn't able to have more kids, but on the flip side, she should be thanking her lucky stars she's getting a ginormous home for herself while her sister wives will have kids doubling up in bedrooms.  I normally really like Meri, but she needs to get over herself.

Thanks Meri, for making me tear up by showing me an aging, sick dog.  It breaks my heart.  I'm such a dog person, and I've lost two dogs when I was growing up to old age, and one who was hit by a car as an adult.  I just let my four-legged child get up on the sofa with me to watch this show because all of this dog story line is so sad.  Meri and Kody call in all the children to say good-bye to Drake, and the kids are bawling crying and taking pictures with the sweet pooch. 

Over at Janelle Brown's house, it's time to hit the gym.  She is up at quarter till five in the morning, and she's heading to meet with her trainer.  I think it's very brave of Janelle to share her weight loss struggles.  Christine is very proud of her sister wife's dedication.  Janelle's trainer is is not only working on her body, but he's also trying to help her change her eating behavior.  She is very determined.


Kody and Meri are taking dog Drake back to Utah to meet with the vet.  The charges against Kody and his wives have been dropped, so Kody feels safe returning to the state.  They load the sweet pup into the car and head back to their old stomping ground. Meri's sister and her husband and family live in their old house.  Before they even take the dog to the vet, Kody gets teary digging Drake's grave in their old backyard.  He's a very dramatic crier, and his hair is all akimbo as he feverishly tries to dig  the hole.  Kody realizes that he's emotional because he never mourned the loss of their Utah home. 

The vet arrives at the house.  I swear, if they show this dog being put down on the show, I won't be able to watch anymore.  The vet confirms their fears that Drake is suffering, and I'm crying along with Meri and Mariah.  STOP IT!  They are putting him to sleep in the yard.  I can't handle this!  I can't watch Drake's burial.  Kody brings it full circle, saying he's finally gotten closure on his family's life in Utah.

On the second episode, they are about to break ground on the new houses.  Christine is working hard to study for her real estate license after failing her first go-round.  She blames not having any quiet time for not passing the first time she took it.  I'd say she's correct.

The entire family goes to see construction begin on their homes.  Has anyone else noticed that Meri is usually wearing a tank top over a long-sleeved shirt?  I mean, I've seen three different variations this episode, and we're only five minutes into the show!  Kody is sporting a denim tuxedo, and it's distracting me.  The family toasts with sparkling grape juice in their new cul-de-sac. 

Christine and Kody are taking daughter Mykelti to meet with a local fashion designer.  Mykelti wants to be an international designer, and automatically the designer asks for Mykelti's help.  I have to say that Mykelti doesn't seem too excited to be involved with an upcoming photo shoot.  When the model strips down to her her underwear, an uncomfortable Kody hightails it out of the building. 

Christine is cramming for her exam, and she does worst on her practice test than she did the first time she took it.  I am having test anxiety just watching this. Christine feels like the family is deteriorating being so spread out from one another, and she thinks her relationships with her sister wives is suffering.  However, the women all get together to launch their business My Sister Wife's Closet online.  The family is watching people shop online, but more folks are browsing as opposed to buying.  I can't say I blame the online shoppers, given that the pieces are pricey and they look almost cartoonish. 

It's the morning of Christine's test, and she wishes that she had more support from Kody and her sister wives.  She knows that it's the circumstances surrounding their living situation, but it doesn't make her life easier.  The family awaits at a local park, eagerly awaiting Christine's arrival to hear her results.  How awkward!  Thankfully, she passed, so we don't have to endure any more tears.  I'm still cried out from the dog episode.  Christine shares with Kody and the wives that they are no longer each other's support system.  Kody is devastated by her statement.

Next week, the family is taking a road trip, and Meri and Kody argue over driving. 


[Photo Credit: TLC]