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If you had told me when Bethenny Frankel decided to marry Jason Hoppy just in time for her to get a spin-off, that those crazy kids weren't going to go the distance, I would have laughed in your face.  When I watched said spin-off's spin-off Bethenny Ever After and saw how the couple treated one another, I thought, how cute…they are playing to the cameras.  If I had a dollar for every time a divorce rumor surfaced that Bethenny promptly squashed, I'd have a lot of money.  Color me shocked that this two year marriage didn't last!

Forgive my sarcasm.  They are no doubt going through a very hard time, and they have to do it in the public eye.  I feel badly for both of them, because I do think they were in love.  I also think that Bethenny wanted a child, and Jason got tired of playing second fiddle to her career.  I won't play arm chair psychiatrist, but everybody loses in this divorce. 

Those closest to the couple think that Bethenny and Jason will keep the divorce civil and focus on daughter Bryn.  None of their friends expect any sort of custody battle.


According to In Touch, Bethenny is no longer relocating to Los Angeles as planned for her talk show.  An insider tells the site, “She’ll do the show now from New York. Jason never wanted to move to LA, and in the end, Bethenny’s going to do what’s best for her daughter.”

The source, who refers to Jason as "Mr. Mom," asserts that custody will be determined with no drama.  “There will be no fighting. This won’t be a drawn-out, nasty battle,” asserts the insider, adding, “They’re doing all they can to keep life normal for Bryn.”

In fact, in the past Bethenny has stated how important Jason's and Bryn's father-daughter relationship is to her.  She once explained, “I didn’t have a role model for family togetherness. It makes me realize just how precious Jason is to Bryn.”

There is no denying that the pair had an extremely tense relationship, but that's not to say they didn't try to make things work.  Us Weekly is reporting that both Jason and Bethenny are very upset about the split, and no third party was involved.  A friend of the couple shares with the magazine, "No one cheated. They're both devastated…they really tried. They grew apart. She is very upset."

Another pal cites Bethenny's sadness, saying, "[Bethenny] feels like she disappointed herself. She disappointed her daughter and she disappointed her fans."

Of course, Bethenny isn't the only one who is upset about the split.  Nearly a week after Bethenny issued a statement regarding their split, Jason was seen dining alone in Manhattan…and he was still wearing his wedding band.  That makes me sad for him.  I have always liked Jason, and while I know it takes two people to make or break a relationship, I do feel like he really wanted to be an equal partner, a good husband, and a devoted father. 


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