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Last night was the season finale of Sister Wives followed by a family interview.  We watched Logan head off to college, and we were teased with a Kody Brown haircut.  I can't say I'm sad to see it end…for now.  

Christine is freaking out about the closings of the homes.  Kody reveals that the family has yet to qualify for their loans.  Um, why are they doing this again if they can't afford it?  Kody and his wives head to the bank to pick out their options for their homes.  One at a time, the ladies pour over carpet colors and countertops.  Robyn is up first, and she's quick to make her decisions.  Meri is up next, and she's already over budget.  Meri is stressed about the money, but she still wants to see any potential upgrades.  Are you kidding me?  Kody is quickly getting frustrated because he thinks that a washer and dryer is way more important than special countertops.  Meri is on the defensive, and she's over it.  She leaves, allowing her sister wives to pick their options.  


Janelle is quick to figure out what she wants for her house.  Unlike Meri, she goes without some of things she wanted in order to stay within budget.  Christine is also all about the give and take so she can have the options she wants while keeping her costs down.  Kody suggests that Christine give her budget surplus to Meri.  Christine actually considers this for a split second, and Kody claims to be kidding.  He also thinks that Meri is going to fight to get Robyn on her side.  Meri is in tears that Kody thinks she's trying to gang up on him with Robyn.  It's awkward to watch, which is saying a lot considering I'm watching a show that is about women sharing an lion maned man.  Meri is hell bent on her wet bar.

Finally we're done with those blasted homes, and Meri is creating a video of all of the kids for Logan.  It's interesting to see some children that I've never laid eyes on before.  I'm glad they are getting some screen time.  All of the Brown kids are sharing their favorite memories of Logan for his graduation gift.  Robyn is very emotional about Logan heading off to college, and we're treated to a video montage of Logan.

Kody is getting a haircut, and his stylist is worried about how thin his hair is getting.  He asks her to shave it off, but he chickens out when she turns on the shears.  No such luck with a drastic haircut.  Kody says that his wives love his shaggy mane.  His hairdresser warns Kody that with this receding hairline he will soon look like a grandpa surfer.  That's quite the description!  Madison and Hunter call out their father for balding the following morning.  His wives are terrified to learn that he almost shaved his head.  TLC then shows us footage of Kody's hair through the years.  They are certainly grasping at straws on this reunion, aren't they?

Logan is packing up for college, and he's excited to be out on his own for a while.  He's not going to be shedding any tears when he moves into his dorm, that's for sure.  Robyn's sister is making him a photo quilt of all of the family members in UNLV colors.  Poor Logan.  Do they want him to be totally ostracized by the other freshman?  The family is signing the quilt, and basically we learn that this quilt is to kill any premarital sex life that Logan may aspire to have.  

The family is sending off Logan with a steak lunch at Janelle's.  Kody is getting emotional about Logan leaving, and he seems to be a bit disappointed that Logan is so excited to be moving out on his own.  Logan is going to miss the hustle and bustle, but at the same time, he's excited to get this show on the road.  He is gifted with the quilt, and I can't tell if he's elated or petrified.  He is equal parts touched and confused as to how he will explain this quilt to his future dorm mates.  The family watches Logan's video, and it's cute to see all of the siblings' well wishes.  

Kody is now focused on whether he and Meri will have another child.  Is it just me, or does he seem to be pressuring her?  The wives family heads out to see the progress of the homes, and Kody wants to create a family mission statement.  I really feel like they are dragging out this finale…and cue the slow-motion farewell to Logan.  Christine is worried that the kids aren't going to have roots if they can't establish these homes.  Meri and Robyn are in tears about the prospect of more children leaving.  So, I'm guessing moving day will be the subject of next season?

After the finale ends, a reunion show airs…although is it technically called a reunion if they are together all the time?  

The wives are overly made-up…Janelle looks as if she's trying out for clown school.  We are shown highlights of the season, and the Dargers are reintroduced.  The family dynamics are so different.  I am once again creeped out that twins are married to the same man.  Janelle and Meri's differences are discussed, and the women seem to say that they share more loyalty than friendship.  Janelle admits that sometimes she just needs to get away, but she maintains that she will never permanently leave the family.  

The host brings up Meri's obsession with the wet bar, especially when none of the Browns drink.  Robyn thinks that Meri can picture her pastries spread across the wet bar at Christmas.  The fairness of the budget is brought to light as to whether Meri should have the same amount of money as the other wives when she only has one child.  Janelle admits to initially being worried that she wouldn't get what she needed, but she is fine with how things worked out in the end.  Meri reveals that had her wet bar deprived the other wives, she wouldn't have gotten…probably.

The family shares that they do not share one bank account, but they do share funds if necessary.  Good gracious, could you imagine that financial nightmare?  Meri explains that she had finally gotten to a place where she was fine not having more children.  However, when Robyn offered to be a surrogate, Meri was forced to revisit her decision.  We are reminded of Kody and Mariah's pleas for Meri to have another child.  

The host questions if Meri is concerned that her time with Kody will dwindle once Mariah leaves the home.  Meri knows that her relationship with Kody is different because it's more focused on the two of them now that Mariah is a teenager.  They get to spend more time together as a couple as opposed to parenting younger children.  

The teenagers chat about their transition to Las Vegas.  Mykelti admits to falling into the wrong crowd, but she never drank underage with them.  Madison and Hunter do not want to have plural marriages, but Logan is going to wait and see what life has in store.  He's going to be just like his father I think.  While Madison doesn't want sister wives, she thinks that people should be allowed to have a plural marriage if they do it correctly.  She thinks that Warren Jeffs and people who abuse the lifestyle should rot in hell.  I love that Madison doesn't mince words!

Kody and his wives are proud that the show has given them an opportunity to be a family in the public eye instead of hiding.  Christine is still trying to be a stand-up comic.  As the interview draws to a close, we still have no answer as to whether Meri will try to have another baby.  


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